Getting Windows 3.1 and 95 on an Ipod Touch





Introduction: Getting Windows 3.1 and 95 on an Ipod Touch

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Hi. for this project, you will need a few things, and i will be as specific as possible to whatever you ask of me. first, your requirements are:
Actual devices:
Ipod Touch, Iphone-it does not matter which generation im pretty sure this will run on all
A computer.

A. Software needed:
1.Jailbroken ipods: WinSCP or CyberDuck ( WinSCP windows users Cyberduck for macs )
You need to have Open SSH installed on your ipod.
SBSettings is not required but it makes this process MUCH faster.

2. Non-Jailbroken ipods.
Im sorry, but if you want to stay clean as non jailbroke, you can not do this. jailbreak your ipod. jailbreak can be done with QuickPWN redsn0w or yellowsn0w, and also quickfreedom. after you jailbreak you basicly only need whats listed previously

EDIT: Sorry guys, 1G users you may not be able to load Windows 95, it depends on what else your ipod is running, it needs all the processing power it can get to run the emulator so it can transfer the windows instructions into an ARM-processor based architecture to run on the ipod. so sorry if it is too slow or cant run.

OH YA: RATE IT RATE IT RATE IT RATE IT!!!!!!!!! god u people neva rate my stuff lol its getting annoying.
RATE 5 FOR COOL-ness. lol


Also, sorry for the big big big amount of screen this is taking by now, for all of you TIRED to death of rebooting your device, get SBSettings, and then when u gotta reboot for something, just swipe the top of ur screen and hit the RESPRING button, because that is much faster.

Hey guys, if any of you though that you can actually USE this this way, lol, sorry, even though it is slow as hell, thats the fastest we can get it on an ipod touch.
click HERE for an actual working mac 'ible for itouch from me!:

Step 1: Files Needed

ok guys, the only file your going to need to download is called bochs.deb . now you can get this from multiple places, but im going to give you links.

this is easy part

Step 2: Insertion of the File

ok, to install this program, you need to do it remotely, so it will be a little trick.
open up WinSCP or CyberDuck and connect to your ipod through SSH. keep going up directories till your just at / and open tmp. add the bochs.deb file IN THAT DIRECTORY. there, you have inserted the file.


Step 3: Mobile Installation

To install this file, you need to be on your pc and still connected to your ipod. you need to open the remote console:
WinSCP: Control+T
CyberDuck: ALT + CMD + C

once you get the console open, type in this command to install the bochs.deb

( for touch users i have a little segment for you in a little bit )

type in: dpkg -i /tmp/bochs.deb
Now, let it sit for a while so it can install. if you get a message saying that it has not responded for 15 seconds or whatev and ask to abort, DO NOT ABORT LET IT WAIT IT IS STILL INSTALLING. when you see 'setting up com.isoftru.bochs (1.0.0-1) ...' you can close WinSCP or CyberDuck. if you have SBSettings you can respring your ipod otherwise just reboot.

EDIT: ( AGAIN ) Thank you to tanmanknex for reminding me to write something for all of you 2G users out here.
Once u r jailbroken, go into cydia/icy/installer, whatever u use, and get mobile terminal installed.
Once you have put the bochs.deb file on your ipod go to mobil terminal and type
if it asks for password the default is alpine unless you changed it. also su root , sudo, and a few other commands work. and Then you can run the install command that i said above, in THIS terminal instead of the WinSCP one.
If any of yall downloaded the file DIRECTLY onto your ipod touch, you will be able to still install without need of a computer, just edit the install command a little, to mach the download directory, whic hshould end up being :
dpkg -i /private/var/mobile/Library/Downloads/bochs.deb

There. if anyone has anything they need tell me!

Step 4: Your Done

Ok so now your done, you will find Boches somewhere on your ipods screen, for me it installed on the last page of icons. enjoy ( also the keyboard function has not been worked out yet, try VNC to use it if you can but 1G touch shouldnt VNC cuz it can disable your ipod until you turn it off and restart it ) ok, your done. Pics will be here shortly



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    I don't beleive even in the newest iphone/ipod touch that there is enough free RAM to adequately run Ubuntu. Also, the processor would lag behind as well.

    Yeah. its cool. but this is an old instructable. most ipods out there now have 1/2GB or more RAM so you could possibly put more OS's on there.

    so how do you get back to the ipod/phones firmware? delete the file? thats one thing you should probably include

    1 reply

    Well, ( and sorry for taking OVER A YEAR OR TWO to reply ) if you havent noticed, you exit the app. its an app, not an entire OS, because those 2 OS's only required a few MB's of memory.

    I cant find the directory in my iphone its not listed do i have to us the old version of winscp? or am I doing it wrong?

    1 reply

    Please be aware, this is a very old post, maybe 2 years old. there may be a difference in the folder layout on your phone, and also, this was done on an ipod touch 1ST GEN. and not an iphone, so i do not know.

    um man, i am guessing you are running either an ipod touch 2g or an iphone 3g/3gS. Sorry man, i have not an answer, i can only garuntee thigns will work when on a 1G, cuz thats what i run on lol. But try to re-install it, then fully reboot your device.

    Uh ya man that sounds like a 2g issue. well man i dont know, but if there isnt they will have it out soon! forums n forums of people working on it..... i go to:

    LOL dude think about it though. GET AN IPOD TOUCH 1G! more durable, water resistant screens, llol, can actually DENT IT without hurting it, lol.

    lol dude! i git like 7 dents into the back of this ipod touch. still works fine. Um ok then. if it works then good fo u. i like the 2g better because it has a better processor speed. idk if it has more memory / RAM, though. lol.
    iPhone 3Gs, Powerful as **** compared to all.