Getting a CD Into a CD Player

Introduction: Getting a CD Into a CD Player

For some, the strenuous task of removing a CD from its protective case and placing it into a Compact Disk player is a simple deal, but for others it is a chore that some folk will pay to have completed for them. Often times those who are unlearned struggle with the task as they find themselves plagued by broken disks, injured hands, or at the very least, a noticeable bruise on the face.

If you aren’t one of the lucky few, today we have a treat for you: the simple three (and a half!) step plan to getting that darned CD into a Compact Disk player. You will be learning how to keep you and your precious CD safe, without the looming danger that your past experiences have left you with.

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Step 1: CD Case Packaging

One of the most significant problems posed by the new CD cases is the sealed packaging that keeps contents safe not only from the dangers of your local supermarket or music store, but also from you. If it is any consolation, you are not the only person who has issues removing the packaging.

Some use their exceedingly long finger nails, others attack the plastic with scissors, and some just pass it on to their friends. In any case, there isn’t much you can do about this, and it may take multiple trial runs and some unsightly injuries before you get it down to a science.

Your best bet will be to take a sharp object and cut along a crease the edge of the case. Even better is if the packaging has a pull-string or the like that simplifies the removal. If this step has already occurred or has been done for you, you can move on to the next step of the CD removal.

Step 2: Getting the CD Out of Its Case

If your case is already prepared, then the following maneuver is the acquisition of your CD from its protective jewel case. For all practical purposes, the jewel case was designed to prevent damage to the CD, but because it has long been known to confound adults, you may have decided that it was made to protect the disk from you.

The most effective way to remove the CD begins with grasping opposite edges of the disk firmly between thumb and middle finger. The forefinger then makes a pressing action onto the center of the jewel case that holds the CD locked in place. A gentle pulling motion away from the case should allow the CD to break free. At this point, you are ready to move on to a disk-moving agenda that many find puts their precious CDs in jeopardy.

Step 3: CD Transportation

With the CD loose, you are now in the most dangerous phase of the CD transfer! A simple slip of your hand may cause the CD to fall from your grasp, potentially causing the disk to scratch or break, so be careful! The best way to combat this loss is a hard-to-grasp hand position.

Luckily, if you are holding the CD as you took it out of its case you have already accomplished this difficult maneuver. You can supplement this safety by having your forefinger in the hole of the disk or by holding the silver side up. You can now move carefully over to your Compact Disk player for insertion of disk.

Step 4: Putting the CD Into the Player

The last portion of getting the CD into the Compact Disk player is actually getting the CD into your Compact Disk player. Many Compact Disk players are hardwired for your failure, and the disk trays are opened in a variety of ways: buttons, switches, levers, or manual lifting. For best results, consult your device’s instruction manual for the proper method.

When you have located the tray opener, be wary of opening the disk tray. Some trays have lids that pop up at you, while others slide out at blinding speed. The best course of action is to stand back until the device stops moving completely.

When the tray is open, there will usually be a spot to hold the CD in place. As you are placing the CD into the Compact Disk player, you are finalizing your CD’s travel from the case, and your troubles are over for now.

Step 5: Fin!

There! You are done! Now spread your newfound knowledge with your friends and family, who no doubt may need the help getting a CD into a Compact Disk player as much as you did. The ignorance you once had has now been relieved and you are significantly more prepared for the “real world!”

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I really needed this instructable. I shall go to sleep today peacefully, secure in the knowledge that at long last I have now acquired the knowledge of scientifically and accurately placing a compact disk into its player. I am now eagerly waiting for the second part: How To Place a DVD disk into its Player.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I personally think its funny and here's my judgement... 1 star for thinking of it. 1 star for taking the time to type it, and 2 stars because I enjoy the humor of it. 1 +1+ 2= 4 stars


    9 years ago on Introduction

    yes this is a tad pointless the only thing that keeps me from raging is the fact that there are in fact a lot of people that do not know how to properly transport Cd's DVDs blue rays etc etc. putting their smudgy greasy fingers on the beautiful precious shiny data side of the disk scratching it or otherwise ruining it therefore giving one a giant pile of music, movies and games you need to re purchase so sir i agree completely with this Instructable.