Getting Rid of Fears (experimental)




Introduction: Getting Rid of Fears (experimental)

Everybody has a fear, whether it is spiders, snakes, balloon (hehe), or heights, something is gonna scare the crap out of you when you see, hear, or are near it.

This instructable is based off of an article that I found in Popular Science. According to the article fears are triggered by memories, even from 70 years before. A drug is being tested to cut off the cycle that makes the fear connections between memories and current senses, see popsci for more info. But anyway, the drug would most likely work better that this experimental method but figured that through self physcology you can at least make your certain fears not so drastic.

Please note that this is just an experimental theroy, I am not a physcologist, I am just a thinker, if you screw youself up really badly, it's not my fault, and sorry for none of my own pics.

Step 1: Rules

The way that I am going to do this experiment is that I am going to go and try each theory 7 times, I will post the results in another instructable with any changes, findings, what did or didn't work, any injuries i sustained. I am very open to any other experiments, other people trying it. Post results!!


1. Honesty, participants (or me) have to be honest, if it scared the crap out them than that has to be included in research.

2. Each experment must be followed exactly, variations may not be excepted as comparison wont be possible

3. Result format must be the same, see last step.

Step 2: First Theory

The first theory that I will be trying is a simple one. Since fears are triggered by very early memories, changing, altering or trying to eliminate them might lessen fears. I will be using 2 of my fears that I can test easily. Being bitten and a fear of falling. For bitting i will be using my pet bird, who will bite your finger without thought, this is why i won't hold it without gloves. This will most likely result in pain. My fear of falling is an easy one. I just find situations before hand that make me feel like falling, and try them again after the experiment.

my first theory is simply imgaining those bad memories as something different or convincing myself that they didn't happen. This might take a while, so I will do it while i lay awake in bed, the only place where there are no distractions.

This takes alot of imagination so if it isnt physicly possible if your head as you change the memory... who gives a crap! I think do what ever it takes to overcome your fears even a little bit

Step 3: Result Format

Each result format must be in this format, just copy and past into comment for intro.

Over the course of (days):
Scale of 1-10 how well it worked( be honest):
further expermintation needed for theory?:



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    20 Discussions

    Frickin woodin dummies scare the living crap out of me

    LOL, i hate spiders; they creep me out. I also hate needles and IV's. I almost pass out when I see an IV being put in haha.

    my dad had a pet spider named jim. he was cool. I used to be afraid of heights. one day, I went on the roof of a shed and slipped. for like a year, I was afraid of heights until I faced my fears and leaned off of the roof of a 4 story condo in NY when I realized it looked cool. Now I love heights.

    It's a lot worse when it's foggy out. Looks like you'd fall into infinity or something... *shudder*

    Where, and what, is the CN Tower? I want to go there now. I suppose my biggest fear is needles. It's probably one of the bigest reasons I'm not a crack addict. Whenever I have to get a shot, or get an IV put in, I start to panic. Not enough that I get sick, but enough that the doctor has to consider holding me down. The only memory that might apply to this would be when I got atacked by a lawnmower as a little kid. It left a nasty cut on my forehead, that required major stitches, apparently. They put me on a table, and then about twenty masked doctors were leaning over me, oe wielding a needle to sedate me. As soon as I saw that, i began screaming, and blacked out.

    1 reply

    The CN tower is in Toronto, Ontario. Its in the largest city in Canada. It's really quite amazing. For A while it's been the tallest free standing building. It's a must see for vistors to canada. I also have a little fear of needles. But only for blood tests. I can not at all do them, i just cant. But the only way to get over the fear is to get rid of the traumatization. If you foget about that childhood incident i'm sure you'll be a bit better

    Looks like a dark fishing spider.

    I ran across one in 2003 in a basement. Biggest spider I ever ran across in Missouri (but I understand there are tarantulas in southern MO).

    You can see a pic I took of it here.

    Its the 35th or 36th picture down the page (the one with the sacagawea golden dollar in the pic (shown for scale).

    1 reply

    I remember finding that website when I was looking up wolf spiders.... I wanted to know if the gigantic spider in our bathroom in the middle of the night was a wolf spider. It was.

    lol i will try to overcome my fear of ghost and demons etc.. hmm maby i can test if i will still pee my self from watching going onto this site:

    if u go onto it remember to put on headphone/turn on speakers!!!!!lol

    I have extreme anxiety and fear over anything involving dentistry and orthodontist. This is mainly because of the horrible experiences I had when I was young. Even though we changed dentists a couple of times, I still panic and break down when I know I have any kind of appointment. Even a simple checkup/cleaning is hell, due to past experiences. I get extremely depressed the day before appointments. What sucks is that I have a really screwed up mouth, and have to see the dentist and orthodontist way more then normal, and get all kinds of things done. My jaw is small, my teeth are crowded (There is one tooth pushed back into a "second row"), I need all kinds of surgeries. Just today I nearly escaped getting all four wisdom and two other teeth pulled out. I was so stressed that I actually got sick, so sick that they had to cancel. A year from now I get jaw surgery.

    1 reply

    Well most fears are linked to childhood trauma or accidents, if you know the earliest bad memory or what may trigger the fear receptors in the brain, you may be able to get yourself around to going to the dentist, I suggest lieing down with your eyes closed and imagining yourself at the dentist, whatever in the picture makes you scared just think of it as something else, do this enough that you can at least go near the dentist office, if you do that sit in the chair imagining it as something else. Remove the memory that causes the fear (which can be even cancling your last appointment, or last time you went) and than once it is removed, changing the memory will lead to the fear recepotr to having no link to anything at the dentist leaving very little to make you scared, another thing you can do is close your eyes, and put ear plugs in, that way theres less senses to send to the fear receptor to make a connection with any fears (woow long comment lol)

    That spider is so creepy, I can barely tolerate reading this Instructable. And, if that wasn't bad enough, you had to make it BIG and put the picture in there TWICE! (yeah, so my fear is spiders, did you guess?)

    4 replies

    Yeah, I still think it's neat that you can find them like that, but I don't like them "at all!" I would say the only good spider is a dead one, but then we would be overrun by insects. As long as I don't have to see them, I don't mind them!

    How to find them, yes, but those are also really tiny spiders. Aaaand, I try not to teach my sons to be afraid of things. I don't "fear" them per se, I just reeeeally dislike them!

    You might want to unpublished this instructable and wait until you finish the experiment to republish it. Then it will get more attention.

    I didn't take that picture, but i have memories of being a kid jumping on that glass thinking i was going to fall down to my death.

    Nice instructable, that last picture is very nice. Did you take that picture?

    I like the CN tower picture, because when you first mentioned falling the glass floor was the first thing that came to my mind. I remember doing the stair climb one year and I walked out of the stairwell right onto the glass floor. It scared the living hell out of me.