Getting Started With Stop Motion

Introduction: Getting Started With Stop Motion

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Step 1: Getting Started

 When this screen pops up click on the create a new production/shot and hit okay.

Step 2:

 Next you need to name your Production Title and your Shot Number

Step 3:

 Now for the capture type select the video/webcam. Then USB Video (analog). For the size choose 1280 x 720. The screen width remains at 10.

Step 4:

 And now you are ready to begin. To start click on the camera button and you have taken your first picture. If You continue doing this you will many pictures. If you click the play buttoon you will see your video. If you want to make your video last a little longer/make it go slower right click on the camera button and click shoot twos, this will let you take two pictures at the same time.  

Step 5: Rig Removal

 While you are taking your pictures and you accidently get your hand caught in the image, it can be removed. Click on the tools bar on the right side of the screen and then click Rig removal.

Step 6: Rig Removal

 From here you the background for it to be ready to erase. In the actions bar you can choose your choice of  brush size. When you start to erase you will be able to get rid of your hand that got taken in your previous shot.

Step 7: Make a Movie

 With your final product, you can go to File and click on Make Movie this will convert your video into wmv (windows movie viewer) and then you can upload this onto any website.

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