Ghillie Suit Ding Dong Ditch!

Introduction: Ghillie Suit Ding Dong Ditch!

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A Ghillie suit is the ultimate camouflage and can be used in a variety of scenarios; airsoft, paintball, hunting, stealth, etc. When the month of April comes around, you can use it for...PRANKING! So when you do a Ghillie suit ding dong ditch, you ring the doorbell and run away into the landscape of the front yard. When the person inside comes out to investigate, they will walk right past you and never notice anything!

Step 1: Things Needed....

For this prank, you will need:

1. A Ghillie suit (They cost around 50-80 dollars and can be either homemade or purchased)

2.Courage (Having an angry neighbor just a few feet away from you is not an easy thing to think about)

3.Some Athleticism (If by some small chance you are noticed, you will need to hightail it out of there)

4. Camera Man (optional)

Step 2: Being Observant

When you walk up the driveway of the house you are about to ding dong ditch, take note of the vegetation surrounding the house. Find out the ideal place to hide in the vegetation. This enables a speedy transition from the front door to the hiding spot since you know exactly where you are going to be hiding.

Step 3: Ringing the Doorbell

As soon as you ring the doorbell, you have to take-off fast and get to the hiding spot very quickly. Try not to make too much noise getting to the hiding spot. Keep in mind that the person you are pranking may not be home so if nobody comes outside after three minutes, you should leave.

Step 4: Coming Outside

When the person comes outside of the house, they will be either curious or angry or a mixture of both. They will then most likely walk around to see if they can find who rang their doorbell and took off. When they get close to you, you should hold your breath because when you breath, your midsection will rise and fall. Any movement like this can give up your position. I hope you will have fun doing this prank!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    HAHAHA! That is some great camo next to the house. I hope the neighbors don't try to call the X-files if they see a big plant monster ringing doorbells ;)

    Chris Logan
    Chris Logan

    5 years ago

    Lol. The next step is to let them see you running away after the third ring or so.