"Ghillied Up" Make Your Own Ghillie Paintball Mask





Introduction: "Ghillied Up" Make Your Own Ghillie Paintball Mask

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My first instructable, how to make a beastly paintball mask with household items. Its very simple, yet quite effective and battle tested. Tell me how I did! :)

Step 1: Teh Stuf U Need.

*1* Paintball mask (one with a visor)

*2* Cotton string

*3* Scissors

*4* Packers or masking tape

*5* Spray paint (duplicolor works best)

Step 2: Stringin' the Mask

Cut about 30 pieces of 5" and 10" of the string. Take the string and tie it in a simple knot. Take the tips of the string and unravel it. In about an hour, it should look something like the last picture.

Step 3: Tape That Sucker Up!

Basically, tape the lens on the front and back, doesn't have to be perfect, but if you paint the lens your screwed. And also, be sure to tape the foam inside.

Step 4: Time to Paint That Baby.

Its time to whip out that spray paint, Green and black.Try to get a woodsy look by always moving your hand.
  • The paint makes the string hold better than dye*

Step 5: Try It on and Get in Battle.

Get off that chair and get into the woods. (or just wait at your friends stairs) Either way you will love your new Ghillie Mask*

*Ghillie mask and all that use it are considered registered trademarks of MrAngryPants. aka I OWN U*



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    49 Discussions

    Made it! But instead of using spray paint i dyed it a much darker OD

    Great mask! Tip : try using the dye and then put it on the mask

    why not use fabric dye on the string before putting it on?

    Thats what you do when making a decent ghillie/ghilly suit.

    The lens comes off too.... might be easier....

    oh thnx for the guide here wat i came wid :

    Before: http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh272/SKULLRAGE/IMG_6654.jpg

    After: http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh272/SKULLRAGE/IMG_6864.jpg , http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh272/SKULLRAGE/IMG_6863.jpg

    and the problem i have now is on top of my head, i don't have any cover in it , so any ideas how to i cover that?

    oh all of my teammate was so surprised when i show it to them, they call me david jones ( from pirates of the Caribbean Movie )

    12 replies

    Thats a nice helmet. I would take a knife and run it through the thick strands to break them up more. ill add new pic of mine soon, i recolored it,

    hehe thnx :D hmm, maybe i should do that but how about on top of my head , should i put a netting and put the same cotton string?

    Oh yea, skull, paintball season is just getting underway down here in Louisiana so i am working on a ghillie/hat/thing to wear on my head. looks sorta like a white wig right now. expect instructable by this coming tuesday. :P P.S.: Ghillie is getting boring. any suggestions? should i try like pneumatic cannons or flamethrowers or something?

    well...... Not exactly..... I was like halfway through with it when i got an AWESOME deal on ebay for a full suit.. Might post my hat-wig-ghillie-thing, but ive been wanting to make a flamethrower build for a while XD

    Whoooo lordy. Been a while but im working on the flamethrower. Only problem is I cant find the valve at any of the hardware stores nearby. (Its a solenoid I saw a few months back. Somewhere near 1/2 inch or so.) ****DELAY ON FLAMETHROWER******** If i cannot find a solenoid that fits by october 15, i will do some kind of halloween 'ible or somthing. I hate postponing.

    Yeah... That Halloween instructable might not happen... My dog has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes... This week hasn't been very... productive...