Ghosbuster EL Wire

Introduction: Ghosbuster EL Wire

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This TINK is a Ghostbuster lighting with one EL wire cable!!!!

It is really easy to do with no need to have any special skills!!!

Follow steps if you want to do it or modify it with an other model than Ghosbuster logo.

So enjoy and try it!!!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need:

-1 x piece of thick cardboard (I found it in a bin)

-1 x EL wire cable of 1 meter (bought in ebay for 3 €)

-1 x Ghosbuster logo (Printed on my old color printer)

-1 x good cutter

-1 x pencil

- some paint

That's all

Step 2: The Shape

Mark the shape with a pencil and then pre-cut it with the cutter

Step 3: EL Wire Insertion

Pre-insert the EL wire in the ghost shape in order to facilitate the final insertion after painting.
It will also pre-form your EL wire!!!

Step 4: Painting

Simply paint the cardboard to obtain a nice white glow finish!!!

Step 5: EL Wire Final Insertion

Take care about well insert the EL wire in the cardboard just to the surface!!!

Step 6: It Is Finished

Just paste the logo with regular glue and it is done!!!!

Simple isn't it!!! :)

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You are right no led so that's why I entered an other contest ! The mojito recipe contains led so el wire ghostbuster is Not really tailored for led contest!
    It Just lights but with no leds so I must remove it from This contest :D