Ghosbuster Protopack Whit Ligth




Introduction: Ghosbuster Protopack Whit Ligth

Costume for kids or adult is my first instructable used recycle material to created the proton pack cheap but need patience and hand work.

Step 1: Tools Needed


Can suffer injuries if not taken care of so I do not take responsibility for any injury if any tool does not know how to use it is better to seek help.


  • Safety glass
  • Scissors
  • Cutter knife
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder an flux
  • Wired cutter
  • Hair dryer

  • Dust mask



Hair dryer Bending-PVC-

Stove Bend-PVC-Pipe/

Glue class

Step 2: Material

Material proton pack :

1 - Cardboard for the base the dimension depend on your food containers.

2 -Food containers 1 rectangle with 3 separations and the other circularly.

3- Transparent disposable cups need 4, only the base(If possible already used)
4- Portable Bluetooth speaker

Proton gun material:

4 - Cheap Lightsaber toys(dollar tree)

5 - Nunchaku toys(dollar tree)

6 - Push button 2 parts

Cyclotron and power cell electrical parts:

7 - Red LED Bicycle Tail Light Constant/Strobe Warning Light (dollar tree) (specific: Red LED Bicycle Tail Light Constant/)
Video example functioning Red LED Bicycle Tail Light Constant:

8 - 4 leds red (cyclotron)
9 - Electronic switch

Other items:

9 - Medication cup 3 pieces

10 - Oral dropper use 2 pieces

11 - Cable protection hose(Split loom tubing 1/2")

12 - Recycle Headphones

13 - Recycle Multiple cables the different electronics

Material Pack frame:

14 - Pvc 3/4"
15- Recycle School bags
16- Sand Technicbend Pvc:

Step 3: First Step: Cut the Cardboard

Cut the carton according to the size of the containers I do not place the dimensions because everything depends on the size of the container they get.

But the objective is to create something very similar to what you see in the image use it as a guide.

Step 4: Cut the Circular Plate and Paint Base Cup

You only need to make the holes for the LEDs in four centered positions and the center of the base of the plastic cups.

Use a permanent marker and first paint the red color of the base and finally the black see the image

Step 5: Diagram Electronic Cyclotron and Proton Gun

Connect the 4 LEDs in parallel as shown in the diagram.

The motherboard of 5 leds is the powercell.

The diagram of the effect of the saber only take out and accommodate the electronic buttons and battery see diagram.

Step 6: Assemble Proton Pack

Final step assemble

Step 7: Bend PVC and Strap School Bag

Used the technic to fold PVC and create same image

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