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Introduction: Ghost 3.0

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Check out my SSCB-11!

Hopefully the final ghost! Haha, well, there are some major and minor differences between this and the ghost 2.0. This gun has a better stock, a pin guide, a more comfortable place to put your hand, and a place to put another magazine in the stock! I'm not going to list the minors, but I have to say, this gun is great. It gets better range because of the pin guide, so it can be a good fun gun, and a war gun because of its reliability, and extra magazine storage. So, yeah. This is a good gun, and I recommend anyone to build this. (unless it's your first gun, don't build this!)

fun to use
removable mags
pin guide
mag storage
(What more could you ask for in a gun?)


Well, get building! 

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock!

Step 2: Front Body

Look at the pics! Probably the hardest step... 

Step 3: Break!

Have some festive christmas cookies! 

Step 4: Top Body

This is the rest of the body and assembly. 

Step 5: Magazine

The part that feeds the bullets into the gun. 
Note: (important) You must put the side with the blue rod on the magazine towards the front of the gun when inserting it into the gun.

Step 6: Loading the Magazine

Loading isn't hard at all. Just follow the pictures! This step shows how to use the magazine storage also. (sorry that some are blurry)

Step 7: Firing Pin, Bands, and Firing

All of the rest.



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Piece list:


Green – 288
White –94
Blue –34
Yellow – 1
Red – 0
Grey –0
Black (long) –1


Dark grey – 14
Light grey – 10
Red – 33
Green – 15
Yellow – 135
3d blue – 11
3d purple – 4
White – 33
Orange – 17


Ball clip – 1
Ball socket – 0
Black clip – 41
Blue clip – 7
Tan clip – 12
Blue spacer – 2
Silver spacer – 2
Blue hinge part – 0
Black hinge part – 2

Modded pieces:

Orange connector with 1 tab –0
Orange connector with 0 tabs –0
Cut grey connector –0
Weakened tan clip –0
Cut green rod –0
White rod with no ends –0
Black clip with 1 tab missing –1

(just so you know, this is not exact. i may have miscounted)

11 replies

light grey is the two pronged connector and dark grey is like a bigger blue clip (its difficult to explain.

you made me worried when i looked at the modded pieces and saw all of those modded pieces!!!! then i saw 0 on all of them except the black clip. BTW, do you mean the Y connector?

how do you make the pin? I don't know what it looks like. If someone could just post a picture of the pin and how it goes in that would be great.

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the pin is simply a long black rod with a double sided orange/black connector.
when i built the gun,i made a pin and guide that is shown in the first picture. inserting it is shown in the second picture, and the third picture is the connection to the gun. oh, i should remind you that the duct tape is critical, otherwise the elastics will destroy it, every time, no exceptions.


thanks, built it and it works great keep up the good work Selezonia!!

after i had one of these mags blow up, i wrapped duct tape around the connectors that the cut rods are inserted into. now, it stays together just fine.

I luv this gun. I just finished building it, and currently working on fine tuning. It's incredible!

Should I make this or your SSCB-11? Trying to decide which one to build. I know they are kind of hard to compare considering they are completely different types of guns, but which one do you like more?