Ghost Effect Video in VSDC Free Video Editor



Introduction: Ghost Effect Video in VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a free video editing software for Windows PC

One of the most awesome video effects for me is a Ghost effect in color, when you duplicate the original picture and play an optic illusion game with several contours.

Today I'll tell you how to make such effect in VSDC Free V ideo Editor.

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Step 1: Add an Original Video

Using ‘Blending Modes’ you can create your own visual effects and filters. For example, let’s see how to create the so-called Ghost Effect.
Add a video, where you’d like to apply a Ghost Effect. To make it perfectly fit the scene, select “Yes” in the “Stretch Video” option.

Step 2: Create Duplicates of the Original Picture

Due to a ghost effect an object obtains several contours of different types and colors. To achieve this effect, I need to add as many identical video layers as we want for our object to have contours.

All of the added videos should be exactly of the same size. For this reason I recommend to make a duplicate of every inserted video. Click the original video on the scene with a right mouse button and select the “Duplicate” option. The duplicated layer will instantly appear on the timeline.

Step 3: Apply Blending Modes

Now comes the most interesting part: I'm going to apply a blending mode to one of our video layers. Make a double click on the layer you are going to apply a filter to (on the timeline) and select the “Rectangle” tool.

Place the rectangle over the whole scene.

Go to the “Properties” window and choose a color for your rectangle.

To change the type of a blending mode, select the appropriate blending type in the “Composition mode” tab.

Step 4: Add More Contours

To make a ghost effect more impressive, let’s add one more layer (contour). Go to the main scene, make a duplicate of the blended layer and stretch it following the scene size.

Make a double click on the duplicated layer and change the color of the rectangle. (Why do we have a rectangle here? That’s simple – we’ve made a duplicate of the blended layer where we have previously added a rectangle)
Tip: try to use contrast colors for different layers to achieve the best effect

Select one of the blending modes of the “Composition mode” menu on the timeline:

Step 5: Experiment With Blended Layers

To make our blended layers more phantom, let’s adjust it transparency. Make a double click on one of the blended layers and decrease opacity of the rectangle.

Now let’s shift our blended layers to achieve a multi-contour effect of the main video. Go to the main scene and change layers’ positions simply dragging and dropping layers with a mouse.

Tip: Vary blending modes and opacity on the main scene to achieve the best result.

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