Ghost Pepper Sauce

Introduction: Ghost Pepper Sauce

Bhut Jolokia, Naga Jolokia, Ghost Pepper, whatever you're going to call it, remember: it packs a punch.  While it is rated at just over 1 million scoville units -- which is something like 5-10 times hotter than your typical Habanero pepper -- it still carries a wonderful flavor of it's own. With this in mind I created a plain and simple vinegar based hot sauce out of the Ghost Pepper to use as an ingredient in other sauces, or to occasionally dash into hot soups during cold season.  Warning, this is not for the timid.



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    I love ghost pepper... I had some extract sauce a friend made out of smoked ones he grew and it was amazing.
    a couple drops in a pot of chili is more than enough for my wife and son haha

    We grow lots of different peppers, (mainly for seed) This year was the first year we have been successful with ghost peppers, and I have to say, eating one of those guys is truly an experience. I CRIED. not like "boo hoo, bawling and sobbing" but tears were running down my face uncontrollably, the hottest thing i have ever eaten for sure. Their saving grace for me, is that they have a fruity flavor unlike any other pepper... and you can taste that for a sec before the ass kickin starts. :)

    "Not for the timid" ,lol.

    These can cause heart attacks, strokes and what not. These humble people who can eat whole habeneros. It took an hour for the burn to go away when I ate these on some hot wings, after I threw up and drank 3 glasses of milk.

    A larger warning is needed, these are effin' insane.

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    Actually, there have been no recorded deaths linked to the ghost pepper, so I highly doubt that that is true.

    Certainly. Consider warning enlargened - tada! I figure if an individual knows what a ghost pepper is in the first place then they know they are dealing with dyno-mite!

    PLEASE! Please, in all seriousness: wear rubber gloves when handling and during the hot vinegar blending process, DO NOT INHALE the fumes! Wear rubber gloves while washing blender and blender body and any other instrument (spoon, knife, etc.) which came into contact with the potent capsaicin. I made the terrible mistake of scratching near the opeing of my nose after making this, I had a runny nose for six weeks, okay, I kid.. but it burned and was not pleasant -- imagine if you were to casually touch any other tender area of your body! Yikes. Safety is a prime consideration when handling any hot pepper of this caliber (even the humble jalapeno merits a warning.) When washing the blender pitcher, use cold water first. Hot water will steam and the vapor will cause you to cough and your eyes to water.

    Okay? Sufficient? Awesome. Now, make some and eat it sparingly. I made a batch 9 months ago and I've used only 1/4 of the 2 cup yield. Again, it is not meant to use like a typical hot pepper sauce

    Ouch ouch ouch, your poor nose. I eat hot sauce when I have sinus problems but I think I'll avoid this. It sounds nuclear!

    I already voted on another sauce, but I felt the need to vote for your sauce as well. No, I haven't tried it, but I love habañeros and their potency, and I've had wings that were 500K on the SHU scale and loved them, so I've always wanted to try ghost peppers. Just the fact that you have the balls to make a sauce that's practically just the peppers makes you deserve a vote in my book. Good luck in the contest. :)

    I'm one of those crazies who think a great tv snack is habaneros stuffed with sausage and pan fried, my 1st experience with a ghost pepper sauce was eye POPPING, the endorphine rush was intense and I was sweating like I'd run a marathon in a rain suit..... I immediately bought a bottle ! These peppers are definately NOT for the neophyte pepper head and should never be served without a warning ie: dont hide ghost peppers in cheesecake or chocolate balls = ) I didn't realize that ghost peppers came in so many colors, I really need to try growing a plant or 3 of my own. Nice pictible