Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

I needed a mini proton backpack to round up a tod'S costume. Why not make it?!
This is a fast and easy project for anyone to make

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

Glue gun
Shoe box
Old cables
Tops and caps
Any led mini lights
Black paint
All materials are recicling or leftovers!
Formula spoons, balloon holders, medicine dispenser, water bottle caps, wipes top, etc.

Step 2: Glue in Place

Glue the pieces randomly. Leave the lights for later.

Step 3: Cover With Primer

I left some of the parts aside to glue them after painting. The top is still not glued to the box. Also made a hole under the kirkland wipes top. This is to put candie inside the backpack while trick or treating :)

Step 4: Paint Black

Paint all black and glue cables and the rest of the caps here and there.

Step 5: Atach Shoulder Straps

I reused this from an old bag and glued them to become shoulder straps.
Then I glued the box top to the box body.

Step 6: Wear and Have Fun!

The little toddler loved his pack. Al with the linghing an candie inside!



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    2 years ago

    This looks adorable! It came out really well :)

    1 reply