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Introduction: Ghostbusters Proton Pack - How to DIY

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The original, and classic, Ghostbusters is simply put, one of the best comedies ever made.

Along with the ghost trap and PKE meter, the proton pack is one of the coolest movie props seen on screen.

With my guide through video I will show you how to make the Ghostbusters' Proton Pack on a budget.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Watch my video guiding you through the process to making your very own Proton Pack!

It's short, easy to understand, and could help greatly!

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Step 2: What You'll Need

Getting started with the proton pack means you'll need this list of materials



Cake pan

Poly foam

Measuring cups

Plastic water bottle


Popsicle sticks

Misc. product boxes

Bubble bottles

Irrigation hose

Plastic storage tubes

PVC pipes

Caps (from bottles, and other items)

Clear bending straws

Sunglass chords

Spray paint bottle caps (or hairspray cap)

Plastic straw

Black, red, and blue wire

Cake container

Red folder

Party streamers

Steel nipple fitting

Wooden circles

Flex tubing

Old backpack (for straps)

Spray paint (Flat black, silver, army green)

Acrylic paints

Cardboard (lots of cardboard)

For Light Up Feature:

3 Push lights


Plastic wand toy (Dollar Store)

This list is fairly simple considering many details are simply finding random objects, and all of the above are cheap and affordable!

Step 3: Building Up the Components

The proton pack is made up of several specifically shaped objects and pieces that are built up using the materials from the previous step.

The video gives a better explanation of how to actually piece these together, but they are fairly simple and easy.

Use reference photos! they are key to this project.

Step 4: Detailing

With any homemade props its always important to give the most realistic look possible using your resources.

With a project that is mainly cardboard, plastic tupperware, containers, and misc. kitchen appliances detailing and weathering is a high priority to bring your proton pack to life. \

Acrylic paints are recommended.

Watch the video for more details.

Step 5: Bring the Lights!

What will make this project stand out is the light up feature that is actually one of the easier things to pull off.

Using 3 Dollar Store push lights, they are glued to the surface of the cake pan matching with the open circles of the cake container for the lights to shine through.

Velcro is applied to the right side of the cardboard bar going across the Cyclotron that allows you to open the container and access the lights.

Step 6: Back Frame and Backpack

To make the proton pack wearable, we are going to use PVC pipes, and foam tubes to create a back frame to tie the straps onto later.

It also gives back support and comfort.

The straps are from an old broken backpack spray painted army green and easily tied and glued around and onto the PVC frame from top the bottom.

Step 7: Display Your Ghost Vaccum!

An optional guitar stand is available on Amazon to display your finished proton pack.

Amazon Page for Guitar Stand

Step 8: "Don't Cross the Streams": Conclusion

This is bar none my favorite project to date, and the most screen accurate.

Taking about a week to complete and costing near $50 for all materials, I'd say this is a knockout success.

This prop like my others is much easier to follow with the guide through video. This is a very visual process and explanation through text will not do justice.

I'm happy with the result, and If you decide to make your own proton pack and have any questions leave a comment on YouTube or on Instructables. I'll be happy to answer!

And if you decide to make your own, post some photos here or send some photos to: and I'll feature it in my next DIY video!

Have fun making your own unlicensed nuclear accelerator.

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Question 3 months ago

Can a template for a Ghostbusters Proton Pack work for this project


Thank you for your time and instruction. My eight year old daughter just told me that she want's to be a Ghostbusters for Halloween. I found your video and it gave me hope that I could actually do it.
In America we have secondhand stores where all of these items can be bought for pennies on the dollar.
Hope to have this finished on time;)


3 years ago

you are very good i made the proton gun with wood and pvc and other stuff and it took me forever! but your idea is way better!


Reply 3 years ago

and probably lighter too.


Reply 3 years ago

yeah problably


3 years ago

are you the same dude who made the video?


3 years ago

What did you use for the red see-through circles on the cyclotron?


3 years ago

omg I want it


3 years ago

This is the best movie replica ever!