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Introduction: Ghostbusters - a Quick and Easy Proton Pack

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Here is my ghostbusters costume from last Halloween! I did the proton pack in three days.

Step 1: Cardboard!!!

I usually try to make things as easy as I can. So to go with this I went with CARDBOARD!!! Its cheap and easy to cut and bend. I bought two cardboard presentation boards (the ones you used in science class) from a local store.

Hot glue gun
Two bags of glue sticks

Gorilla tape is also a must!!
Along with spray paint (black)
Also chemical lights (get blue and green ones)
Find tubing from a hardware store, the stuff I found was for organizing cables behind a TV. 

Step 2: "Doe Ray Egon!!"

Ok first the body. Finding the measurements for the pack size and such are easily done online.

But definitely go here

I cut out two shapes out for the body. Then I glue them on top of each other and gorilla taped the edges.

BAM proton back backing done. 

*Pat yourself on the back*

Step 3: "Ray I Think He Can Hear You . . . "

This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing. Finding a piece big enough to be the "cylcotron" I lucked out my fourth try with this beauty.

Measure out the holes as there is actually an order to them.

Depending on the plastic it's either gonna be hard or easy to cut out the holes. I ended up having to use my glue gun end to melt away the edges and smooth out the circles.

For the red areas I found four plastic military flash light lens. Worked great. But anything transparent enough and red will work also.

*feel ashamed of yourself cause you probably ripped the plastic cover from some little child hands as it was the last one*

Step 4: "no No No We Put a Warning Label on It We Aren't Liable . . ."


Tired of that old boring 2D flat proton pack you got there? 

Well lets snazz it up a bit!

Following the plan layouts you got from

Cut out the cardboard pieces you'll need and glue-gun your way to the top.

Make sure you cut a hole out for the piece that will light up later (you will also need to cut a hole alittle smaller then the chem light)

I improvised with some plastic bottles here and there and it worked out quite well.

*You recycled go YOU*

Step 5: Don't Cross the Streams!

Here is the wand.

Tubing was from a hardware store. 

Again using the plans from the website I measured out the body of the wand and cut the cardboard as needed. Then I made small wholes to push the tubing through. Then I glue the tubing to the other side to hold it firm.

The q-tip was put on the side for design look lol

I also added a belt clip from a crappy plastic reflective belt on the wand to be connected to the pack

Add the black tubing from earlier to the end of the wand. 

Step 6: "Those Must Be Some Cockroaches"

Assemble your pieces together!

I used additional tubing to make it look like it was connected together. (Glue where needed) Along with foam tubing covering for the wand handles (can't really see it from here). I gorilla taped them on and the gorilla tape gave them more of a grip to hold on too.

I also used additional cardboard to make it look a little more authentic. Such as adding the somewhat triangular part above the cyclotron, along with the part right on top of the cyclotron to make it look like it was holding it in place.

I also added another water bottle to the mix.

Issues I ran into was that some the tubing wouldn't stay still. Remember the gorilla tape I said to get?! Here is where it comes into play!

I got the cyclotron to light! I used two light up pairs of shoe laces. I glued the wires to the red lens and turned the lights on to blinking. 
You'll have to cut into the cardboard to place the wires in have them light up but its very easy.

My costume was ordered on amazon along with the patches. The funniest part was going to a place to get them sewed on. The people just gave me some smirks and said it was a great idea :)

Step 7: "And You Don't Want Us Exposing Ourselves"

Here I am with my costume all put together and such. 

I used straps from an old military duffel bag I found/had. Just cut the straps off the bag and glue/gorilla tape them to the pack (they are still on there)

Arms pads where from a sports store. 

Hope you like it!!

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3 years ago

WOW AWESOME!!! But where exactly did you get the plans for step five...I mean I know it's from the website but where should I click?


4 years ago

Thanks! This an awesome proton pack, better than than the inflatable one!

It will work perfectly as a base model for mine! I'm going to add lights and mor do-dats on it.


5 years ago on Introduction

I love that you made this from scratch- yet still needed someone to sew on your patches! LOL

Awesome! So much better than the fake plastic one my brothers had when we were little!


This is rad!!! I am making an astronaut costume, and was just thinking...."how should I construct the backpack?"