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Introduction: Ghoulish Halloween Pot Luck

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Where I work we are always looking for an occasion to feast. Halloween offered a perfect opportunity to have a ghoulish, yet delicious pot luck lunch (I don't know why we never thought of this before). Here is a sampling of some of the spooky dishes we had. If you find the fare enticing I included links for the recipes below .
(Tip: If you are preparing fruit such as avocado, apples, or pears ahead of time for a pot luck sprinkle lemon juice on it to prevent unsightly browning. How does it works? Well when the fruit is cut it produces an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase which reacts with the oxygen in the air resulting in the fruit turning brown (a more technical term is oxidation). The Ascorbic acid in the lemon juice covering the fruit reacts with the oxygen instead. Also the low PH (2.0) of the lemon juice also inactivates the polyphenol oxidase enzyme which works optimally at a PH of 5.0-7.0)



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    This is so cool! i really could have used some grub like this at my Halloween Party! Great job, detailed, creative, and looks spooooookyyyy!

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    I brought the Spider Web Dip. It was a bit of a challenge bringing that to work on public transit, it ended up looking a bit lopsided. You can see me in the second to last picture towards the back with the green Brain Slug on my head.

    WOW! WOW! You have been a busy girl! Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
    I can tell your guest enjoyed everything.

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    Great! Glad you had help! I will vote on this one! Have a great day!