Giant Baby Bottle!




Introduction: Giant Baby Bottle!

Have you ever wanted a giant baby bottle? Well now you can have one using household items and these simple steps. This item provides wonderful entertainment and can be used as a prop, for example, in the play Free to Be You and Me.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

Moldable foam
A Cup of some sort
Hand Soap
A glue gun
A Wire Brush or File
Pink paint
White Paint
A black Sharpie Permanent Marker
Liquid latex

Almost everything here can be purchased at your local arts and crafts store. (Yay!)

Step 2: Foam Molding

This is part 1 of 3 to making your baby bottle!

1) Take to rectangle pieces of moldable foam and put them next to each other. Then draw a circle as shown in the picture.

2) Next, take each piece and use a saw or knife to put around the half circle you have drawn. Do this for both pieces.

3) Now, use a wire brush or file to fine tune  the half cirlces.

4) After you have done this, use hot glue to stick the two pieces of foam together.

5) Next, put a ring of hot glue around the cup you are using and stick your circle on top.

6) Again, use a file or wire brush to smooth around the circle.

7) Let your finished (for now) product set.

8) Using another piece of moldable foam, mold a tiny top the bottle. (See picture)

9) Attach the top to the top of your circle.

10) Begin to file the newly attached top into the bottle. (See Picture)

11) Admire your work

12) Do any more fine tuning that is needed.

13) Your done with part 1!

Step 3: Liquid Latex

This is part 2 of 3!

1) You need hand soap and liquid latex. Make sure you wear rubber gloves!

2) Apply a semi even coat of liquid latex to the foam. (Don't smooth anything in yet.)

3) Put soft soap on your hands or on the liquid latex. Smooth the coat of latex out.

4) Let dry.

5) You're done with part 2

Step 4: Painting

This is part 3 of 3!

1) You need with pink paint (which we didn't have) or red and white paint.

2) Mix red and white pain together. (If you have pink, skip this step.)

3) Paint all around the dry liquid latex.

4) Admire work.

5) Let the bottle air dry or put it in from of a huge fan!

6) Apply a second coat after dry.

7) Either leave your cup as is or paint it white.

8) Let cup dry.

9) Apply a second coat to your cup.

10) Let dry

11) Once the bottle is dry, feel free to doodle on it with a Sharpie. (We gave our a brand name and some Oz. indicators.)

12) Voila! You are done with your giant baby bottle

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