Giant Halloween Skull Mask




Introduction: Giant Halloween Skull Mask

The Giant Skull head costume is another paper Mache/plaster Halloween project that resulted in a great costume that had a huge impact on the kids!

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Step 1: Everything Has to Start With a Plan

As with anything I have to build with the end in mind and as usual I started this project with a photo of a skull head. It was then imported into Tremble/Google sketchup and I dimensioned the outline of the image to the size I felt appropriate.

Step 2: Start Building the Skull

Internally I created (not pictured) two cardboard frames cut from the plan dimensions of the side and front views. I intersected the two and taped the together. From there I started wadding up bits of news paper and filling in the gaps. I used a significant amount of painters tape to initially hold everything together.

Step 3: Some of the Detail Starts to Take Shape - You Gotta Have Some Teeth!

Once the initial structure of the skull had taken shape and hardened it was time for a little detail. The teeth were created from a material that molds like clay and then is baked in the oven to harden. I found it in a craft supply store. It worked out great! You will also notice I started getting happy with the spray paint as everyone that saw the projected thought I was working on a blob of newspaper.

Step 4: Mouth Is Cut and the Framed Internally Were Removed

The skull hardened nicely and I am prepared now to commit to cutting the hole in the front in which to see out of. That also included installing the teeth permanently. A trial fit on my beautiful wife determined that I needed a more comfortable means in which to support the creation. It's looking pretty good though!

Step 5: Shoulder Support

After a few trial fit I added a shoulder support using cardboard and plaster. I quickly determined that I needed fiberglass in this support area for stability and the ability to holds its shape for any amount of time.

Step 6: The Top Hat!

In the home stretch! I used the remaining cutout from the overhead view of the skull to create a brim for the skulls hat. From there more newspaper, cardboard and plaster/paper Mache.

Step 7: Paint and Finishing Touches

With everything dry and all the paper removed I found several appropriate colors of spray paint and commenced to adding some color. All of this was done with no stencils, brushes or guides. It was painted totally free form.

Step 8: Costume Time!

With a little help from my father and his amazing sewing skill we were able to create a "dickie" of sorts that attached to the skull and a very large "Sport Coat" if you will. Add a Cigar and a snazzy cane and were ready for the ball!

Hope you enjoy!

Kirk Lewellen

Murfreesboro, TN

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    Tura Street
    Tura Street

    1 year ago

    Creepy, but perfect for Halloween and pranks. Thanks for the idea.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks, we have had a lot of fun with this costume.