Giant Hershey Kiss

Introduction: Giant Hershey Kiss

This Project will instruct you on how to make a Giant Hershey Kiss!

What you will need:

Two Five-pound tubs of Crayola Clay.
Atleast two-feet of Tin-Foil
Brown ("Burnt Umber") Acrylic Paint
Blue ("Phthalocyanine Blue") Acrylic paint (Acrylic basics)
Very Fine Paint-Brush
White - Ribbon

Step 1: Sculpting the Hershey Kiss

First, get two five-pound tubs of Air-Dry Crayola Clay and mix together to create a giant ball.
Sculpt the giant ball into a hershey kiss. (Fatter at the bottom and skinny at the top) 
- like a rounded pyramid -

Step 2: Painting the Clay

Use the brown paint and cover the clay in two to three coats. 

Helpful Hint: Use a fan to help the paint dry faster.

Step 3: Making the Label

Use the White Ribbon, blue paint and very fine paint brush.
Paint the Ribbon with "Heresy's Kiss" repeating over and over. 
After you have a long strip cut the label to the size you want.

Helpful Hint: To make the label look realistic cut the label in the middle of one of the words

Step 4: Wrapping

Wrap the painted and shaped clay with foil. Open the top a little bit to show that it it chocolate. When the wrapping is done, stick some of the ribbon into the top for the label.

Helpful Hint: Do not just use one layer of foil, use one or two.

Step 5:

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I guess that clay is cheaper than chocolate?
    I was hoping you'd used chocolate as the shaping of it would have been more of a challenge.



    Reply 2 years ago

    You don't want to use chocolate if it's just for decorstion. I don't see why they just use blue marker, less messy and would look better.