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Hi everyone! I made this giant pin art, pin press for my kids to play with and it also serves a purpose as a shelve to put away toys! Read through my tutorial with pictures or you can click on a video and see how i made it (its only about 6 min long).

This project video:

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Step 1: Giant Pin Art / Pin Press

Get a full sheet of 3/4 finish plywood.

Then I cut it down to 48 inches by 52 inches, sand the rough edges.

Mark all 576 holes.

Using press drill with 3/8 drill bit start drilling.

And when done, paint it white.

Step 2:

Now I cut 3/8 wood dowels into 576- 9 inch pieces.

And 1.5 wood dowels into 1152- 1/5 inch pieces to be used as end caps.

I nailed the 1.5 inch cap on one end of cut 3/8 dowels and used a dap of supper glue for an additional strength.

Then painted them red.

Step 3:

Now the legs part:

I took 3.5 x 3 pine board and cut it into 2 - 18' pieces and 4 - 4' pieces, screwed them together (see pic.)

Then painted them red and attached them to the bottom ( long side ) of plywood with 8 - 1' screws.

Step 4:

And now insert all the dowels into pre drilled holes in plywood, then nail end caps to the other side ( I laid it flat on the table, this way it was way easier to nail the caps on.)

And now gently with someones help stand it upright and and have fun with this creation!!!

Thanks everyone!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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    8 Discussions

    Fuzzy hatclarecrawford21

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Yes, it is pretty cool. Took me couple of weekends to make but well worth it. Kids and their friends love playing with it.

    Fuzzy hatPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Yes. This project took me almost 2 weeks to make but well worth it and lots of fun!


    7 weeks ago

    Love it! 3D pin art toys are fun, but this is really awesome! I love that you can use it to display toys or other items. :D

    1 reply