Giant Spider Web



Introduction: Giant Spider Web

What you need : one roll of cling film cost £1, some Christmas lights

I decided to make a giant spiders web Halloween decoration for the front of my house. Very cheap and easy to do and it looks great.

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Step 1: Outside Triangle

Firstly you need to make a large triangle shape. Get the cling film, roll end into tube shape and fix to one anchor point. From this point run the cling film out to the next point then wrap around this, continue on to the next point and finally back to the start. You do not need to cut at any point. When back at start wrap around initial knot. Pull tight as you are going. Do this again to strengthen triangle. Wrap the cling film around the initial triangle as you go. Anchor points could be anything, I used my guttering brackets and the base of my rose bush! Once this is done you need to divide the triangle into 3 parts. From the corner take cling film to centre the back to a different anchor point, go back to centre and to the 3rd corner. Again strengthen with more cling film if you think you need to.

Step 2: Divide Triangles

You should now have 3 triangles. Using the same technique divide these in half again from the outside to the centre. Divide these new triangles in half again. Don't worry if they are not exactly in the middle, and shape the cling film how you want as you go.

Step 3: Strengthen Corners

Now add pieces that start Aprox 50cm from anchor point on outside triangle. Take the cling film towards centre, wrap around a cling film string and back out towards the other side, forming a V shape. Repeat on each corner.

Step 4: Spiral and Lights

Starting from one side head towards the centre in a spiral, wrap around straight pieces to secure as you go. Once this is done, follow the same spiral shape with your Christmas lights, secure with a bit of sellotape. Start from centre then work your way out. Finally wrap the cling film full sheet width over different areas, I added bits to the corner parts. If it starts to sag anywhere just strengthen with any spare cling film or add another anchor point to top. You have now finished, wait until it's dark and turn on the lights and watch the trick and treaters flood towards your house, thanks for looking.

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