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Introduction: Giant Stuffed Pikachu

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Does this ever happen to you: you want to get someone a doll of a certain character but you find that everything out there is subpar and/or $300?

I needed to make a Pikachu doll for this very reason. I couldn't find stuffed animals that were high quality. What I did find were some great paper craft models and patterns. I constructed the paper model and used it as a prototype for my fabric Pikachu, modifying the pattern to make it work with stretchy fabric that had to be stuffed and sewn together.

This project took about a week and I'm very happy with the result.

The tail was a particularly big challenge. Pikachu's tail is rigid in the game and cartoon and fabric is anything but rigid. What I ended up doing was creating a wire frame and sandwiching it between a ton of fabric interfacing so that the tail would still be somewhat soft.

**Here is a great tutorial on the paper-craft pattern I used to create this doll. If you're interested in making this pikachu, this is a great place to start: **

Mudkip is next.



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    Dude that an awsome pikachu!

    Could you make a giant bulbasaur I would like to make it for my best friend, please?

    That was a really cool idea i never thought of using a paper craft model because i love doing minecraft paper craft but i wanted to make something different so you have given me good ideas

    i love this, but i dont want to pay for the membership for only this pattern, is there anyway you could send me the pattern????? please

    If you would like a paper craft website the is only pokemon try this one:
    They have 257 different pokemon models and other pokemon related models as well.

    I love this so much! But could you PLEASE PLEASE put up a step-by-stepminstructable??? It would help so much, because my mom doesn't have time to make a pattern now, so she says I can only start this in the December holidays, and thats AGES away. Even just the measurements would help! Thank you!

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    Hello! I really don't have time to put an instructable up :( however, the principles of creating the papercraft and creating the doll are basically the same. if you want to start making this now this is my suggestion: print out the papercraft pikachu pattern and follow these instructions: this will familiarize you with the pattern. From here you can do what I did and print the pattern out super big (I just went to FedEx and had them print giant sheets for me) and recreate the pieces in fabric.

    Hey, I'm actually trying to make this Pikachu p+lush right now, but I kinda have a problem with the hands and any tips? >_<''

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    WOW this is absolutly INCREDIBLE <3 got any tips for a newbie plushie maker? my god im in love with your pikachuuuuu <3

    What an excellent idea, using a paper craft pattern. I knit and my daughter wants me to make some pokemon toys for her, but I haven't found a lot of patterns. Maybe I could take your lead and try that approach to make my own patterns.


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    This site has a lot of Pokemon papercrafts:

    I encourage you to try it. One thing you'll notice right away is the papercraft patterns are usually way too complicated (I think it's because they take computer models and run them through some software to get the patterns), and that fabric lets you get away with much simpler patterns.

    Another trick I recently learned when I started making shoes is that if you have an existing toy or whatever you can wrap it in tape, cut the tape off and flatten it and you have a pattern.

    This is truly the best pikachu plush I have ever seen. If I had not known you made this I would swear it was official product. I wish you had more of the pattern down but using your photos I think I can do it. I can't tell what kind of fabric you used but I have a lot of yellow fleece laying around

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    I posted the rest of the patterns for you. There are some modifications that you'll need to do. For some reason I'm having difficulty putting notes on the pictures themselves but generally the problem is that the paper craft leaves some open spaces that you can't have on a stuffed doll.

    Another touch I added was sewing in some fingers. Sorry I didn't take more pictures I wish you luck with your future projects!

    I can post the rest of the patterns with some notes on them if you'd like. I used felt as my fabric, but I bet fleece would feel really nice.

    how all did u change the paper carft patern?

    that is adorable. i've been wanting to make a mini knitted pikachu, so I will def be looking at yours for ideas!