Giant Tanzanite Gem Prop

Introduction: Giant Tanzanite Gem Prop

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So I was inspired by SoccerChic923's "sorcerer's stone" made from plastic gems. Here's the link:

While I'm not really a fan of HP, I though this would make a very useful giant gem or rock prop to use for filming a movie heist - but it also makes a very nice paper weight.

I could not find any solid color acrylic gems in bulk at any of the craft stores around here, so I did the best I could and went to Wal-Mart. There, I found Aqua-Gems, which are multicolored plastic gems meant for adding decor to your fish aquarium. I bought four packs of the gems, each containing the one color I wanted(blue, but ended up being more of a bluish-purple depending on the light, hence naming this giant rock tanzanite instead of sapphire as intended). The packs being multicolored, I varied between two each of pink/red/blue and green/aqua/blue combination packs. That being said, I now have four other colors in lesser amounts to use for later projects.

The finished product is a large hunk of "stone", with a nice weight and even nicer sparkle. A lighter background in the photos would have really brought out this gem's shine, so I'll add some later.

Enjoy, and thanks to SoccerChic923 for publishing the original!

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