Giant Water Colour Flags | Workshop Experience

About: combining carnival esthetics with visual arts; reused materials, and technology, I participate on interactive and collaborative projects focused on human rights, environmental, and child development issues.

Intro: Giant Water Colour Flags | Workshop Experience

The Samba School for children Pimpolhos da Grande Rio had this experience during the Street Child World Cup that happened at Rio de Janeiro in 2014. 250 children from 19 different countries got together and played!

Step 1: Organizing the Workshop

Step 2: Artists Educators | Age | Size of the Group | Duration

Step 3: Tools

Step 4: Material

Step 5: Documenting and Reflecting | Set the Space for the Workshop

Step 6: Unexpected Happenings | Autorizations | Budget

Step 7: Contacting People Envolved and Paying Attention to the Process

Step 8: Painting the Giant Watercolour Continental Flags

Step 9: Free Creation Process for Giant Watercolour National Flags

Step 10: Giant Watercolour Flags for Peace

Step 11: Special Care Is Needed for the Drying Process

Step 12: Time to Play!

Step 13: References



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