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Introduction: Giant Yard Spider- Cheap Decor

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easy fun spider.. not too scary for the little ones.

Step 1: Materials

16 lengths of pipe insulation (size is up to you, each leg will use 2 lengths)

2 trash bags

8 pvc pipe fittings

black spray paint

electrical tape

reflectors for eyes (optional- could use any material/paper etc here)

paper/cloth/newspaper (to stuff the bags with. i used newspaper)

Step 2: Paint Your Parts:

use black spray paint to cover any words on your insulation as well as to color the pvc. this does not need to be neat.

Step 3: Shape and Stuff Your Spider:

i taped off the corners inside the bag a bit to make it more rounded. stuff the body with newspaper (or whatever you have available, spiders aren't picky). Tape off the body as shown, leave the excess bag.

Step 4: Attach the Legs:

(i found it easiest to tape the top segments of leg in place then flip the spider over to add the "knuckle" so I'm putting this in one step..if its easier for you to do it in another order feel free)

1:tape 8 pieces of insulation to the bottom of spider

2.fold the excess bag left from last step over the ends of insulation and tape down.

3. flip spider over, insert one connector into leg and tape on, add another piece of insulation and tape together.

Step 5: Stuff and Attach the Head:

stuff the head to the size you want and tape it off as shown. use the excess to attach it to the bottom of your spider (i tucked mine under the flap where the legs are but that isn't necessary since it doesn't show)

Step 6: Add Eyes and Position Him

i used reflectors for eyes just to make it pop at night.. i also used some dowels to put the legs where i wanted (i stuck the dowel into the ground then fed the insulation tube over it)

p.s. stay tuned for an instructable on the trash bag spider webs behind him!

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    3 years ago

    This is great. And so simple too!

    Perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend all weekend making Halloween decor... like me! :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    yes! it really was easy..and not fussy at all since most stuff can be done sloppy.