Gibson SG Style Guitar Build - Instructable Work in Progress

I am Ivan Huang, a student from Hong Kong. This is a school project that I did and it is my first time making a guitar and doing woodwork. Here is every step that I went through, since it is my first time I have decided to buy the neck from online as the neck can't be easily built by a complete starter.


These are all the materials that I have used for this project:

  • Mahogany wood 48mm*400mm*450mm
  • Gibson 490R Gibson 470T Bridge and neck humbucker pickups
  • Gibson Les Paul style guitar neck 22 Fret Rosewood fretboard mahogany neck
  • Tune-o-Matic style bridge Gibson lp style tuner Stopbar style tailpiece
  • Vintage Gibson Les Paul style tuner aged keystone gold
  • Three-way toggle switch 2 sets of individual volume and tone knobs
  • Prefox AC201 All neutral wood butter
  • Titebond 2 premium wood glue
  • China made guitar gloss finish spray paint

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Step 1: Paper Model or Stencil

In this step, I used Exel to split a bit piece of the image into sperate sheets of the page and then printed them out to stick them together. I made sure the dimensions were right and the picture was to scale, then after sticking them together I used a pair of scissors to cut it out.

Step 2: Wooden Stencil

Step 3: Rough Cut and Planer

Step 4: Rough Sanding

Step 5: Fine Sanding

Step 6: Fitting the Neck Piece Onto the Guitar

Step 7: Gluing

Step 8: Making Pick Guard and Back Cover

Step 9: Spraying a Clear Finish

Step 10: Soldering

Step 11: Put All the Parts Together

Step 12: Put Strings On

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    17 days ago

    The mahogany is so lovely :)