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Looking for a gift box? Let's make one. No glue. But you need some time to draw the pattern, cut and fold. Let's take a look shall we? (^_^ )

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Step 1: Material and Tools

  • A piece of cardboard.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Two pens (explained on the next step).
  • A string or a paperclip (explained on the next step).
  • Drawing compasses [optional].

Step 2: Draw the Pattern

  • The base of the box is square. Any size you want. I called it "X". Here I use 6 cm.
  • The wall of the box has the length of "X" and at any height you want. Here I use 3 cm for the height.
  • Make a half circle for the lids. Use two pens and a paperclip or string if you don't have a drawing compasses. I think many of you have known this method. Keep your pens stand straight.
  • Cut the borders.

Step 3: Some Cuttings

Cut the red lines and fold all black lines. Take a good look at the pattern, some red lines should be cut half way only to form the box's corners. You might find it is hard to cut the red line half way that is from the inside out. Well, take a look at picture number #2. You should fold one part before you do the cut.

Step 4: The Corners

Take a look at two sides (two walls) that form a corner. There we have two triangles. One is half cut from bottom up and the other is half cut from top down. Fold both triangles half, so now we are seeing two smaller triangles next to each other top down. After crossing each other, put back those triangles to their bigger size. The photos above will tell you better than my writing :D

Do for all 4 corners. You might need your paperclip or pen to help crossing those triangles.

Step 5: The Lid

The lid is form from those four half circle. Simply put one side of the half-circle on top and the other side below its next half-circle. We are done. The four half-circles will make a good lid and easy to open ^_^



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    You are welcome. You can also make your own Homemade Gift to put inside theand box and join the contest at


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    Thank you. I have been looking for this for days without knowing! You have saved me many hours of work. ? M

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    You are welcome ^^
    This is the right place to start searching DIY stuffs. This is the headquarter of #makers and #bounty-hunters (of contests) :P