Gift Cards --> Guitar Picks!




Intro: Gift Cards --> Guitar Picks!

Are you running out of guitar picks? Bored of plain colours and logos? Why not make your own guitar picks!
It's easy and can be done with things lying around the house.

First find some old gift cards, not the floppy ones but the plastic ones - you can guess how strong they are to how strong a guitar pick you want!

There are three main methods in order to create a guitar pick from these gift cards.

Step 1: Method 1 - Scalpel / Craft Knife

1) Use a pre-existing pick to sketch out a template to cut, or sketch your own exciting shapes!!

2) On a cutting board use a craft knife to carefully cut through gift card (score first then go deeper in progressive layers)

Step 2: Method 2 - Scissors

1) Use a pre-existing pick to sketch out a template to cut, or sketch your own exciting shapes!!

2) Cut around outline using scissors, may need to start out rough then trim down as you get closer to the line to cut.

Step 3: Method 3 - Pickmaster / Pick Shapped Press

No marking up required. Just use your press, line up on card and press down to create your pick - easy to get multiple picks out of one card as no rough edges to sand down or other bits of the card cut.

Step 4: Results

All done and lots of new guitar picks can be created quickly, cheaply and with exciting designs!

Great for reusing gift cards from Christmas when your done with them or if you have thrown away your gift cards just pop into Starbucks and pick up a load from their counter - you don't need to load them up!

Note for all methods you may want to sand around edges to prevent any burrs.


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2 years ago

i was actually going to buy a punch off ebay for a few bucks but i decided to try ine with scissors abd cane out perfect just a lil sanding. Brilliant the price if pics rise by yhe week it seems like while string prices fall lol


3 years ago on Introduction

Where you punched on the gift card was not a very good place. I've found that you can get six picks out of one card.

1 reply

3 years ago

Thanks for all the comments!!

Credit cards are good to use but I'm always worried about security if you loose them...

Yes it would probably be best to use new one - but sometimes you don't have any new ones on you!!

And pick punch is super useful as so fast to create so many cool picks!


3 years ago

Very nice! One question I have though: if you were to trace an already existing pick, wouldn't you want to use a newer one so it isn't as worn down and rounded? It just seems like fast playing would be difficult with the DIY'd pick of it were too rounded. Anyway, nice little 'ible!


3 years ago

This is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing


3 years ago

Super I play the guitar too


3 years ago