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Introduction: Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every time I have to wrap a present, I don't have a fancy lace to decorate it. But I have a bunch of materials to choose from, and sometimes the results are satisfactory. Here I show a spontaneous idea for wrapping a dull box and some other presents.

Step 1: Materials

A long piece of wrapping paper (contrasting color)

One or two drinking straws (contrasting color)

Aluminum foil (not shown here)

Candle and matches

Adhesive tape



Step 2: Burn, Tape and Wrap.

Holding the drinking straw by its end, carefully burn it and then press it with the pliers to close it. Repeat with the other end. Proceed to tape one end to the box, as shown.

Cut a long stripe of wrapping paper and place it carefully around the straw making big loops and tape the ends in place.

Step 3: Add Some Spirals to Make It Fancy.

It's always like this, that I add or change materials as I go on, until I think they '"harmonize" . This time I added aluminum foil to make some spirals. I cut a long piece, folded it to a 0.3 inch wide stripe and wrapped it around a straw (a pencil works as well). The first one looked so nice, that I decided to make some more.

I also cut two extra drinking straws spiral-like and I was amazed how nice they looked when I cut them to different spiral sizes.

Step 4: From Simple to Unique.

I arranged the spirals between the wrapping paper loops that I first hanged from the straw, using some tape to attach their ends. As one of my spirals didn't show its shape unless stretched from its ends, I decided to stretch it all the way down to my box, using some tape in order not to allow it to bounce back.

The result might be simple, but also unique. One of my presents was a small container with chewing gum: this one I wrapped in aluminum foil and placed a stripe of wrapping paper to close it on top.

The last present I had was a box of 24 markers for school that I wrapped and decorated as a little bag or clutch, using a straw cut in a spiral to simulate the handle, and a little piece for the latch.

I know a simple bow would have worked just fine, but I like a personal touch in many things I do, and wrapping presents gives me the chance to show it.

Have fun.

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    Your gifts are so cute! I'd be a little sad to open them. I do have an urge to use the purse design to wrap socks, would be a terrible prank on my mother. I love how you used the straw, I would have never thought to use one and it looks so wonderful.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. You are very kind. The birthday girl didn't want to open my "purse present" without taking a photo with her cellphone first. So I guess it was a good idea. :)