Gift in a Bottle




Introduction: Gift in a Bottle

Are you tired of sending gifts in the same plain old cardboard boxes? Well in this Instructable I will show you a new creative way to pack your gifts using a pop bottle, some tape,and a pair of scissors. Better yet not only is this Instructable unique, but it saves you money and time. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle

in order to get stuff in the bottle you will first have to cut an opening in the back of your bottle. First take off any label that may be on your bottle, then cut a flap, depending on how big the stuff that your going to put in the bottle is, you will want it fairly large.

Step 2: Fill the Bottle

Now you get to fill the bottle with whatever you want, you may want to put confetti or tissue paper in the bottle as a filler.

Step 3: Address Your Bottle

You will want to get an empty envelope or a piece of paper to use for the address. Next, tape your addressed envelope(or paper) to your bottle over the flap you made earlier.

Step 4: Your Done!!!!

you are done!! Just take bottle to the post office and they'll send it for you.



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    As long as the item has a stamp and a legible address you can send almost anything in the post. I have send a wooden postcard and a friend has posted a POTATO!
    This is an awesome idea I may give it a go myself.

    How about spray painting the bottle once filled, it would also be a bigger mystery for the receiver. lol

    Perhaps risky to send items of obvious monetary value (like itunes gift voucher) through the post in clear plastic. I don't trust the postal system that much.

    6 replies

    the postal system has far less interest in what you're sending than you'd expect, so i wouldn't worry :-)

    Guess some of us are less trusting of society. sashadistan seems right. I would worry!

    Personally I'd send it in one of the bubblewrap envelopes. That way it makes sure nobody can see what's inside.

    If only 40's were plastic. My homegirl in New Mexico would flip if she got a gift set in a bottle of Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor. haha

    1 reply

    You should try to steam off a label & put it on a soda bottle! :o) That might work & would be cool.

    Absolutely. I used to work for Australia Post and this would not be an issue. Some people send unopened coconuts with a stamp on them!

    Im so gunna so this for my mums birthday. :D
    Thanks so much. :D

    I wanna try this! not sure if they will send it here.. the people working at the mail office are just weird here :( but its such a fantastic idea!