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This is a very fun to make concrete egg.

You can decorate it with glitter paint and however you wish.

This concrete egg is very useful for decorating and it's not fragile like real eggs ;).

I hope you all like this ibles and enjoy making one.

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Step 1: Making the Egg

Take an empty egg shell.

Mix the cement with water.

The amount of water and cement should be 50-50.

The amount of cement depends on how many eggs you want to make.

Pour the mixer of cement and water into the egg shells hole and fill it with the mix.

Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

When it's perfectly dried, hit the egg shell gently with a spoon or a wooden hammer and slowly peel it off.

Step 2: Decorate the Egg

Fetch glitters, glue, paint brushes.

Cover the egg with glue and pour glitter over it.You can add glitters however you with. If you want to add designs check out the link below.

I've added a ribbon and a bow on the egg.

Step 3: Decorating (2)

On this egg, I've covered it with golden glitter then I've glued stones on it.

Then I've added confetti.

Step 4: Decorating (3)

For this one I'm using glitter tubes.

I'm not good at designing as you can see.

But you design however you wish to make it look attractive.

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