Gimme a Kiss Cupcake!

Introduction: Gimme a Kiss Cupcake!

All 4 original band members represented in cup cake form.
You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking), grease-proof paper, pencil (2B is ideal, HB will do).

Materials- White, red, black, green sugar paste and black royal icing. Silver edible dust (optional, could use grey royal icing).

Step 1: Technique!

Cover all your cup cakes in white sugar paste. Cut grease proof-paper circles the same size as the cake tops. Ideally leave for a few hours/overnight for the icing to harden slightly (this will make the tracing easier to do, reduce finger marks etc).

Draw your face-paint designs on to your grease-proof paper. Turn over and copy in 2B pencil onto the reverse side.

Step 2: Gene

Trace your design onto the cup cake taking care not to press too hard or you may have finger/pencil marks.

Pipe around the edges of the design.

Fill in the middle of the design with the piping tube in zig zag motions. Gently touch the piping with a damp paint brush to remove any sticking up bits on the surface.

Step 3: Paul

Trace the star design on to the cake, pipe around the edge and fill in with piping as above.
Roll a small ball of red icing, taper it at either end and sick it to your cake in the mouth position.

With your modelling tool mark a centre line horizontally and a small vertical line for the lips.

Step 4: Peter

Trace the design onto your cupcake and pipe around the edge.
Fill in the eyes with piping and make lips as you did for ‘Paul’ Roll 2 little green balls, squeeze them to an oval shape and add them as eyes.

Step 5: Ace

Trace the design on to the cake and pipe around the edge. Fill in the lips with piping.

Pipe inside the eyes with white icing (or grey if you are not going to use silver sparkle). Once dried, paint the eyes with silver sparkle dust on a damp brush.

Step 6: Hair

Roll long, thin sausages of black sugar paste. Arrange them in different lengths to make the hair.

Stick around the edges of the cup cake.

Have fun!

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