Gingerbread AT-AT

Introduction: Gingerbread AT-AT

This is my gingerbread AT-AT.

I started by making the base out of two acrylic tube and a piece of hard board that was screwed to a two feet by two feet piece of plywood.

Than I cut pieces of the gingerbread to make the body, head and legs. The feet I made by pressing gingerbread dough into four large  and four mini muffin tray cups.
After I assemble the head, body, feet and legs with royal icing.

I covered all the pieces with white chocolate that was dyed with black food coloring to make it grey. Then I drew on the detail with royal icing that was  dyed black with a piping bag.
I let the royal icing to dry before   I started to fully assemble it.

After the royal icing dried I started the last of the assembling. I layed the body on the base drilled a half inches hole in the front and the back of the body and a half inches hole in the back of the head. Then I got a half inches dowel that I made long enough that it  went two inches in to the head and  throw the body just before sticking out the back and giving the AT-AT a one and a quarter inch neck..

To attach the legs I drilled a three sixteen hole at the top center of the legs and four 3/16 holes at the bottom of the body. To hold the legs in place  I used  four one inch dowels. The legs just laid on top of the feet.

I used four cappuchino pockys to make the guns.

I made a big batch of rice crispy treats that I made a
small mountain out of. I covered the  rice crispy treat with cream cheese icing.
I covered the rest of the plywood with royal icing. I had the micro machine snow speeder that came with a Luke that I added.

Then you take a lot pictures. 

Then you eat it.

Take more pictures.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    OMG that is amazing!!!!! White chocolate and ginger bread sounds good too.