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Introduction: Gingerbread House Contest Submission

My first attempt at making a gingerbread house.
The roof is covered by a layer of golden graham cereal "shingles"
Strawberry Fruit Roll ups are used to make the chimney and ribbon on the mint candy wreath. ( I misspelled fruit roll up somehow on my descriptions, didn't catch it until now..sorry)
Note my gingerbread VW Bug parked in front. :-)

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I noticed that after I submitted my slide show.(had a little trouble even making it)  I figured it would not be accepted, and I would get my user name next to the house and take another pic and load it again. 
    However,I have since raffled this house off as a door prize at our annual Campground Christmas party. and can no longer take a pic with my user name next to my house.
    My user name is Bugc   and I do have a vw Bug in my picture. 
    Anyway, I really just wanted to share....the contest is not the end all be all for me.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!   there are some great gingerbread houses here!!!!