Gingerbread Man Door Stop




You either find this funny or disturbing. If you do find it funny then chances are the people you hang around with will also. This project requires a piece of wood 4” by 9”. The thickness is determined by the gap under the door. Standard thickness for surfaced wood is 13/16” and works for most doors. Choice of wood is yours, but something gingerbread color would be ideal. The buttons are ¼” holes filled with walnut dowels. Again dowel choice is yours. If you don’t drill button holes then you have a naked gingerbread man. Drill only the lowest hole and you have a belly button. (For some reason pre-schoolers think belly buttons are the funniest thing in the world.) This project can easily be done in an afternoon.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Wedges

Cut your wood to be 4” wide by 9” long. On one edge, mark at 2/½” and 6½” and draw a diagonal line. Use a band saw to cut into two pieces. Sand and you now have two wedge blanks. If you don't have access to a band saw, then start with a piece of wood 2” wide and 9” long. Measure and draw the same diagonal and cut with your scroll saw. Glue the two skinny wedges together and sand out any imperfections. You now have a single wedge blank.

Step 2: Attach Pattern and Drill Holes

Make a copy of the pattern and use spray adhesive to attach it to the wedge blank. I also cover the pattern with clear packing tape. It acts like a lubricant for the blade and helps reduce burning. Use a ¼” bit to drill button holes and a 1/16” bit to drill the pilot holes for the eyes, brows, and mouth.

Step 3: Cut and Add Dowel Buttons

For the internal cuts I used a #5 skip tooth blade and for the outside I used a #9 PGT blade. Of course use whatever size and brand of blades you are comfortable with. Cut three pieces of dowel then glue and hammer them into the button holes. Saw and sand flush. Knock down the edges with 180 grit sandpaper and you are ready to finish.

Step 4: Finish

By the very nature of this project to it is going get scuffed. I used a Tung oil finish. It is easy to apply and will keep dirt out of the pores of the wood. The finish can easily be refreshed with a quick coat.

Step 5: Variations

It makes sense that not all the gingerbread men would survive this ordeal so I have included plans for a Ginger Dead Man. If you take your Ginger Dead Man and cut a bite mark in his head, you now have a Ginger Undead Man



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2 years ago

The is adorable! My family loves to eat gingerbread men, but we also love the gingerbread character from the Shrek movie. At one point his leg gets broken off while he is being tortured on the rack in th dungeon, and later it has two stitches holding it back on. The face on your gingerbread man is perfect! If I had a saw to use, I would make as many as I could and display during holidays(actually wouldn't take them down...maybe some accessories to switch out for other holidays). The bite mark on the head would be very funny! Thank you very much for the laughter this post generated. Ha!

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Reply 2 years ago

My wife used to make a Play Do like stuff from flour and salt and other things. I bet if you added some kind of coloring you would have a modeling dough that you could bake a gingerbread door stop.

I once cut one out from a flat piece of wood (no wedge.) added a peg and gave i to a friend to use a a robe rack in her bathroom. I flipped over the frown to a smile because he was a happy happy little gingerbread man, She loved it and my wife said it was disturbing Ciouldn't have been more successful .

without could make a


2 years ago

Man, that is a great project, perfect for a beginner scroller like me. Thanks for posting it.

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Reply 2 years ago

Very nice job you sick puppy you! I would say your parents should have had you tested but then again, my parents should of had me tested. Thanks for the photo. One of the highest complements is that someone thinks enough of your design to make it, add a variation, and share the results. Thank you!