Gingerbread Birthday Cake




Introduction: Gingerbread Birthday Cake

So, My birthday was coming up, so I needed a cake for my guests.
I decided to make myself a gingerbread and slice it to give it some filling, the filling is vanilla flavored buttercream.
That was nice, but I had extra buttercream, what to do? well, you frost the cake with it of course, but there wasn't enough...
So I ended up making half a batch of MM-fondant: and went artistic.
I'm pretty happy with the look of my "informal" birthday cake, now I'll go plotting for my boyfriends cake, 1½ half month 'till then. Muwhaahahaha

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great-looking gingerbread birthday cake. But baking your own birthday cake, birthday girl? Post this as a step by step instructable and have your boyfriend make one for you on HIS birthday. :-D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well, he would have, if he had been home. But he is out sailing :(
    Anyway I love to bake, so I don't mind and I've already made another one for I'm going to share with my friends :)
    I might make a step by step when his birthday is coming up, he is going to take the pictures while I'm working though :)
    but thanks for the praise non the less :)