Gingerbread Xmas House for Santa!

Introduction: Gingerbread Xmas House for Santa!

Gingerbreadhouse for Santa

I built this our school xmas fair took me a while but well worth it, sorry if my explanation is not the best only second time i have published anything will answer any questions you may have send me a message!

Cost about £40.00


Some rough cut 2 x1 inch timber to build a frame for each of the 3 sides and the roof about £12

Cardboard for the sides, got this free from collection of boxes and a friend £000, thank Cheryl at Mckenna brothers xx

Some Glittercard from tesco about 30 sheets A4 they were selling it this xmas 1.75 per 10 sheets

2 sets of battery LED lights from pound shop £2.00

About 40 glue sticks £8.00

Some cheap xmas decs from poundshop about 60 (20 in a pack) £3.00

6 tablecloths for inside walls (£3.00)

some cardboard tubes from Mckennas free, i have had some from carpetshop before now

some fabric snow from poundshop £5.00

I first made the 3 sides by screwing 4 pieces of timber to make a ssquare 100 x 100 square and then glued a peice of card (i had to join some on 1 side) to make each side and the back was a little wider 120 x 100

I then decorated each side to make windows out of old cardboard boxes and stuck on squares of glitter card to create a window effect i made some boxes for chocolate and used some beading from poundshop

I stuck a cardboard tube on the edge of each of the two sides front and back and painted them whiste and cut up some strips of glitter card to create the effect of spiral tubes

I finished decorating each sides with white square paper plates and beading from poundshop

when i had decorated each of the sides i started on the roof, this was tricky I made an A shaped frame out of timber then made the top of the roof out of card, i used a small cracker box and some glitter card to make the chimney and glued it all together and stuck it to the A frame and covered it with some snow fabric.

I then made the rest of the roof using card and painted the card with white paint to create tiles after i had stuck this on i stuck this to the A frame and carefully polaced some red LED lights to the roof from the inside securing them with wire to the frame

I fixed the roof section to the sides and continued to decorate the sides with some window boxes to put candy and chocolate in

I then worked on the inside and used the xmas table cloths to cover the cardboard using my glue gun and some tape to secure it to the inside

on the final pictures you will see some presents i wrapped with xmas paper from B&M's cost £1.00 for 12 metres still got some left

we used some pooh bear and tigger soft toys to dress the house up!

Santa was really pleased!

all the kids had a great time and we even got a picture in our local paper

we then used it for another christmas party at out scout hut

hope you like it!


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How fun!!! There isn't a child on earth who wouldn't love this!