Giraffe Cup

Introduction: Giraffe Cup

In the past two weeks i start to design my own 3D models. I don't have any training on this matter and for my first project i have my husband's help.

Now this is my second project, made only by me after i started to use Tinkercad.

If i can do it everyone can!

Step 1: Draw the Giraffe Cup

For the giraffe

  • For the arms and body draw a parable and cylinders.
  • For the head draw a sphere and a egg (laydown the egg to make the shape of the mouth)
  • For the antennas draw cylinders and spheres
  • For the little funny hair draw the letter W
  • For the eyes draw two spheres
  • For the hands draw two hearths

For the cup

  • Draw a cylinder for the outside
  • Draw a cylinder for the inside
  • For the handle cup draw a cylinder and cut it in half

Step 2: Enjoy Your Favorite Drink

You can download the stl file and enjoy your drink

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