Girl Power: Wonder Woman Stamp Pendant



Introduction: Girl Power: Wonder Woman Stamp Pendant

In a mostly male superhero world, it is nice to have a female hero like Wonder Woman. Talk about girl power. A cute gift to give to any girl who believes in "Girl's rule, boy's drool" motto.

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Step 1: Gather All Materials Needed

Material needed:

- Cardstock: printed and plain

- scissors


-mod podge

- diamond glaze

- glass tile (use 24mm x 48mm) purchased at Beadaholique

- U.S. postage stamp "Wonder Woman"

Step 2: Trace Glass Tile on Cardstock and Cut Out.

Step 3: Afix the Stamp on Top of the Cardstock of Choice. I Chose the Plain Cardstock.

Step 4: Trim the Side of Stamp. Stick the Image to the Printed Cardstock Using Mod Podge.

Step 5: Brush Mod Podge Over the Image. Let Dry Overnight.

Mod Podge is a waterbase sealer. This will help protect the image from moisture.

Step 6: Generously Apply Diamond Glaze on the Image Before Placing the Glass Tile on Top.

Make sure the glass tile is clean and generously apply the glaze.

Step 7: Glue Cardstock on the Back of Tile With Mod Podge. Brush Surface With Modge. Let It Dry Overnight.

Step 8: Apply Diamond Glaze on the Back of the Tile.

Step 9: Glue Bail by Using E-6000. Leave It to Dry for Several Hours.

Step 10: Afix Pendant on a Chain or Keyring. Add a Charm or Two If Desired.

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