Girlfiend Call and Message

About: Iam Khloud Mohamed and iam biomedical engineer . Love every thing related to embedded systems .

Hello guys! In this instructable I'll teach you how to make a very simple project using 1shield and Arduino.

After several times trying to make it without 1shield , I finally came up with something that is quite simple and extremely brilliant. So i'd like that to be my first instructable, this project is perfect for beginners in the arduino's world, with a few components anyone can make it. I hope you all will enjoy it.

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Step 1: Materials

1-Two smartphone one of them must be Android

2- Arduino uno

3- 1Sheeld

4- LED

5- 1shield application from app store

6- battery (9v).

Step 2: Code Time!

Write the code on the Arduino program and upload it to the Arduino.


#define INCLUDE_PHONE_SHIELD //call liberary

#define INCLUDE_SMS_SHIELD //SMS liberary

/* Include 1Sheeld library. */


/* Phone number to check if she called. */

char callingNumber[]= "01024963088";

/* A name for the LED on pin 13. */

int ledPin = 13;

void setup() {

/* Start communication. */


/* Set the LED pin as output. */



void loop() {

/* Check if the phone is ringing. and if there is a massege sent to the mobile*/ if(Phone.isRinging()||(SMS.getNumber()))


/* Check if the phone number calling is the same as our variable. */ if((strcmp(Phone.getNumber(),callingNumber) == 0)||(strcmp(SMS.getNumber(),callingNumber) == 0))


/* Turn on the LED. */




else digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW);


Step 3: Connect It Up

  1. install 1shield app on your android smart phone
  2. Connect 1shield board to Arduino Uno board
  3. Connect LED to pin 13
  4. Download 1 shield libraries from
  5. Upload (SMS and Phone library) into Arduino IDE
  6. Write the code on Arduino IDE .
  7. Connect Arduino board to PC and upload the code into Arduino board
  8. Connect power source to Arduino board (USB cable OR Battery) .
  9. Take care about upload mode and running mode on the 1 shield board .
  10. Download 1shield mobile application from here
  11. Connect 1shield mobile app to 1shield board
  12. select the required libraries from 1shield mobile app.
  13. make a call from your girlfriend to your mobile wait awhile then cancel take care about what happen to the LED.
  14. send a message from your girlfriend mobile to your mobile and take care about what happen to the LED .

Step 4: Finally !!

Here is a video I've made !

This video describes the full steps and output ,you can see that when your girl friend call you the red led will light and also when she send a message to you .

Feel free to modify this project to your way, and tell me your progress.

Comments are welcome.

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    3 years ago

    Sounds nice, although I don't like 1shield very much.

    Take care to remove your "girlfriend"'s number from the sample code :)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    First,thanks for your comment and don't miss the chance to know more about 1shield iam sure you will like it ;)