Girls Just Wanna Have.. Another Shoe Rack

Introduction: Girls Just Wanna Have.. Another Shoe Rack

Can a girl have too many pairs of shoes? Can she?!

I don't know what it is about shoes.. I mean, take a look at your feet. If you're like me, you have abnormally short, stubby toes.. you're desperately in need of a good pedicure.. and you have a heel that screams "Call That Infomercial And Get Me That PediEgg!!!!"

Ohh but when it comes to shoes, I have to admit, my feet win the prize for Best Dressed. Unfortunately, not many of us own a Carrie Bradshaw-sized closet with walls devoted exclusively for our humble collection of footwear.

Step 1: More Shoes = Bigger Box

So here's what you need to make your own display rack to showcase your dearly beloved shoes:

Cardboard Box
Flat Wooden Dowels
Decorative Paper
Plastic Adhesive Roll
Glue Gun
Exact-O Knife

Step 2: Deconstruction

The shelf you'll be creating for your shoe rack will be made with one side of the box.

Step 3: Structural Support

Some boxes tend to be more flimsy than others. To counter these minor deformities, I suggest placing wooden dowels for more support. Placing them horizontally across the bottom will ensure the safety of your shoes.

Note: Bunny not included.

Step 4: Curb Appeal

No one needs to know that you hi-jacked your box from the grocery store around the block. With some decorative paper and plenty of glue, give your shoe rack a chance to be as glam as your shoes.

Step 5: Waterproofing

Being thrifty with DIY items such as this, there definitely comes a cost. So rather than having your shoe rack disintegrate under the soles of your rain boots, line the surface with some sort of waterproofing material.

ie. ScotchGard, Saran Wrap, Clear Acrylic Spray Paint...

Step 6: Organized Shelving = Room for More Shoes!

The more shoe racks you make, the more room you have to expand your collection!



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    15 Discussions

    simple and effective. very good idea :) Man shoes are a lot heavier, I tried doing this once, but the box was too weak to hold the weight... good work =D

    not only is it simple and wonderful, but also very green and sweet! i will try this

    This idea is simple yet cute..

    This is cool, but I want a room for my shoes!!! A pretty peachy-pink room just for them!

    i wish this instructables is bunny included ^^

    I think it's very cute. I should build one of these for my lil' sister - she's got more shoes than Macy Gray. ni shi zhong guo ren ma?

    This is even pretty enough to go in our living room! Our closets are too small.... so we have a giant ugly pile of shoes from the combined forces of both myself and my roomate!

    That is great!!

    For some bizarre reason (yeah I know) I like arranging all my gf's shoes for her.... She has like 25 pairs, that she scatters everywhere. Then never wears them because she can't find a pair.

    I'm going to go build one of these now. Shel love it. Thank you.

    4 replies

    While I enjoy organizing things my wife's shoes aren't one of them. I think this may be one of those things that falls into the overarching category of "Things you don't tell people when you first meet...or ever." :)

    That's what i'm worried about!! I should really try on a pair one day. I could be missing out on something!! LMAO I think it has more to do with useful things, going to waste though.

    Hahaha, dearly beloved sounds like those shoes are about to get either buried or married.

    Good job, I made something similar for my ex, except on a whole different scale of too much shoes... My mother might get one for christmas after I was helping move boxes and realized she has more shoes than I do all clothing items.