Give Your N64 Some Style

Introduction: Give Your N64 Some Style

This is a little idea/guide/tutorial
on how to give your N64 some style

Step 1: Tape Up

Tape up all the areas you want to remain black
and any area where spray paint should not go like
-the power adapter area
-the controller port
-you get the idea

Step 2: Paint

Spray paint it
self explanatory

Step 3: Done

After it dries
then take off the tape
and your done
you just gave your N64 some style

also if you can open it up
and have the right tools
you can change the color of the red power light
i don't but i wish i could change mine :/



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    You can buy screwdrivers for about 4€ at ebay to open the n64 and change the led and do a little more case modding really simple

    I've heard if you get a pen (the kind with a cap) and pull the ink cartridge out, you can force it over the screws to unscrew it.

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    I tried that, it doesn't work. The plastic after being melted is too brittle to turn the screw.

    Depends on the pen. I find clear ones work best. And don't try to reuse it. Let it harden o the screw, and unscrew that one, and remelt it on another. Then put phillips screws in their place for next time.

    What they said you do is take the ink part out of your pen, take a lighter and melt the end of the pen then press it down on the screw, having the melted part take the shape of the pen and then let it cool down. As I said before, the end you melt becomes brittle afterwards and strips when you try to turn it.

    if you take it apart, you can wipe it off with some effort and turps, i always get paint on my stuff, just pull out the bottle of turps and wipe it off

    i was thinking of doing mine like metallic red or candy red with gold dragon designs, that would be cool

    I looked up how much my n64 would sell for on ebay, $.99 w/ 15 games and 2 controllers. Makes you feel really great to own one lol.

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    Funny car, Top Fuel, or Pro stock, or Pro Stock Bike?

    ONLY 15 games? Where were you when the N64 had the Get (lots of) N or Get Out ads?! =p

    I (a 13 year old) have 5 controllers (3rd party one broke), 27 games, and the original N64. I saw at least $130 bucks for lesser condition stuff on eBay!

    Funny car, Top Fuel and Pro stock. The bikes just don't interest me. My dad ran funny car for a while and then got a rail. He and I proffer the environment of a car though. I personally have 23 games and five controllers. I don't know what a third party mode is. I have the original. What does this mean? "the N64 had the Get (lots of) N or Get Out ads" The games enjoy don't appeal on eBay.

    A better wat would be to take it apart rather than tape everything off, that's how I got myself a gold edition N64. lol I agree also N64=BEST

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    but if you dont have the right tools its next to impossible i forgot to add that in the end of the instructable >_< i was gonna say, or you can just take it apart and save the tape xD

    i wanted it to look like there was still some black in the red and it looks way better in real life the flash brought out to much