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Introduction: Give a "NUTTY" Valentine Surprise

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This is a fun and quirky twist on fortune cookies that will take your Valentine by surprise. I think these are perfect for the "manly man" because they get to use a tool (nut cracker) and they get to smash things, which is what they REALLY want to do to most Valentines gifts anyways. If anything they are good for a laugh when they open it and say, " got me nuts???"

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

`A bag of Walnuts
`Some small candies (anything that can fit inside a walnut) 
`A nut cracker/pick
`A pen 
`Some paper (It helps if your paper has lines as guides for sizing and cutting)
`A container/ gift box
`Some super glue ( I suggest the gel kind)
`A pair of scissors

Step 2: Let's Get Cracking!

`Take your nut crackers or pick and crack open a walnut down the seam. Being careful not to smash it to smithereens. I felt it was easiest to use the pick, but do which ever works best for you.

`Remove the nut and store them away for later.

`Scrape out the debris in the shell

TIP: Don't get ahead of yourself. Crack and fill just one shell at a time so that the halves don't get mixed around. You want them to be able to match up as flawlessly as possible.

Step 3: Get Creative

Now to put your creative writing to the test.

`Take your pen and paper and write out a list of catchy sayings, compliments, sweet somethings, or things you admire about the person. Try not to make your writing larger then about 1/4". You want them to fit easily into the shells.

`Using your scissors cut them into separate strips.

`Roll them, or fold them, any which way you prefer.

TIP: If you want it to be a complete surprise fold them so they will fit entirely inside the shell. If you want them to have some sort of clue as to what to do. Then you can roll them up and leave a remaining tail to stick out the bottom of the nut.

Step 4: Fill Her Up

Now that you have your empty shell, and your many rolled/folded messages you can fill them up & seal the deal!

`Take one half of the shell and fill it with your candy.

`Take one of your messages and lay it on top of the candy.

`Using your super glue dot the rim of one of the shell halves.(If you are leaving a tail out leave the gap at the bottom free)

` Sandwich the two halves back together. Being carful not to pinch the message or candy into the seam.

`Hold them together firmly for a few seconds and then BINGO good as new! 

Step 5: It's All About Presentation

The best part of this gift is being clever with the presentation. Try packaging theme in a fortune cookie style box, or coupling them with a really unique nut cracker. If you want to be cute with it you can attach a tag that says, "I'm just NUTS about you". I'm sure there are several good ideas popping into your head. Make it your own, and have fun. I hope this instructable was all it was CRACKED up to be!

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