Making Your Kids Look Like They Came From the Grid.

Introduction: Making Your Kids Look Like They Came From the Grid.

During the next series of steps, I'm going to show you how to make your kids look like they came from Tron Uprising.

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Step 1: Giving Your Kids the Tron Treatment.

Step 1, have kids. If I need to tell you how to do that, then you probably have more to learn than I can teach so on to step 2.

Step 2,
I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old. We all love Tron Uprising. So we decided to play. The thought occured to me that I could make these kids look like Tron.
First off I'm no photographer, I did the best I could.
Start by dressing your kids in the tightest black outfit you've got. Then using painters tape, either blue or green, tape out some circuit lines. I used a few screen shots from Tron Uprising for inspiration.
Then take some pictures. For the discs I used my son's captain america sheild but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Step 2: Remove the Background

After the photoshoot, port those pictures that you like into photoshop and then we can get started.

First pick a good picture, use the crop tool to cut out the rest of your living room that doesn't touch your kid.
Then goto the layers tab to make your image a layer 0. Do this by double clicking on it and hit enter.
Now use the lasso tool to begin to cut away the rest of your living room.
Tip: When using the lasso tool I find it comes out a bit better if you cut a few pixels into the person that you are keeping on screen. That way the edges are smoother.

Step 3:

Ok, now that you have your kid on a transparent background it's time to make a few layers. First you want to cut the disc out. I chose the Captain america sheild because it had circles on it already and I can follow those for the design.
Remember, your magic wand tool is your friend.
After getting your disc selected, right click and select layer via cut.
Now, use the magic want tool and select the outer ring of the sheild. This will become your disc.

Step 4:

On the outer ring layer, goto image, adustments, desaturate.
Adjust the outer rings color with the brightness and contrast to make it a darker grey. Then select the transparent inside of the disc with the magic want tool, set to contiguous,  and then make a new layer below your disc.
Then, while you still have a selection, turn the layer visiblity back on for the rest of the sheild and use the gradient tool to create a light grey to black radial gradient in the selection. I used the relitive center of the star on the shield as a reference point.
Then turn the visiblity back off on the top of the sheild.
Then select, "select", Modify, contract and set the number so that you have a good sized inner circle.
Then delete.

Now you have an inside to your disc. Goto layer blending options and give it a red stroke.
Then create a new layer and merge it with the inner disc layer.

Then select the red stroke with the magic wand and do the layer via cut again.
You will have two red circle to work with, delete the inner one.
Take the outer one and move it's layer above the outer part of the disc.
Select the pixels and fill it with white.

Now for some blending options.
Give it an outer glow, set to normal, use a bright blue color, set the spread to 20% and the size to 188 px. You may have to use different settings for your picture.
hit Ok.
Then take those 3 layers and make them a group. Name it Disc.

Step 5:

Ok, now it's time to do the costume.
Start by using the lasso tool to select all the circuit lines on a new layer.
Fill them with white.
"I know what you are thinking, why not use the magic wand? Because then the lines will have rough edges that you have to fix later, doing it this way prevents that."

Now I had some hair to trim out of the lines so keep in mind where that goes.
Also while selecting the lines, use your lasso to straighten things out.

Now that we have the lines in white. Go back to the kid layer and select both hands, the head and the hair, then do a layer via copy to bring them to a new layer.
Don't worry if you cut your hair out in straight lines, the world of tron uprising is all vectors and cell shading so it will look ok.
Now select the original kid layer and do a desaturation on it, and then darken it as well.
Then use the clone tool to remove the old light gray stripes. so that the suit is all black.
Now turn the circuit lines back on, add an outer glow similar to the disc.
Now at this point you could add a background and be done. But my daughter wants to look like Mara from Uprising so to continue.
Ok, So I did a bit of blueing on her hair, and addes a couple yellow lines.
Now onto the background.

Start by using the lasso tool to make a trianglular selection on a new layer.
Then with the gradient tool, fill it.
perform the same action again only higher.
Now I chose to drop in a background from the tvshow and then I added some glowing lines.
And Poof, all set.

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    7 years ago on Step 1

    You should really use the finished image as your introduction image, to properly "sell" the concept.