Glad Press'n Seal, Peel and Stick Shirt Protector (For a Messy Eater)




I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but hadn't tried it until today. I made a hot chocolate cereal (cream of wheat style) for breakfast which is messy and dries like cement.

What you need:
Glad Press'n Seal
A normal bib (optional)
A messy eater (3rd party or self)

Before the meal:
Hold roll of Press'n Seal and tear off a small sheet, enough to cover the eater's shirt. May need multiple sheets if it's yourself. :)

Apply it to the eater's shirt.

Optionally place a normal bib around the eater's neck. It should lie on top of the sheet of Press'n Seal. 

After the meal:
Clean up hands and face, or risk getting the shirt stained by messy fingers.

Remove bib and Press'n Seal.

Toss Press'n Seal in garbage, (unless you know of a way to reuse it I guess...)

Future research:
I'm  thinking about using a sheet of this stuff under like a disposable place mat. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea and could solve some . I guess it would be safe as long as you are always with the baby and are careful that they do not pull the Press'n Seal off and put it in their mouth. Potential danger for suffocation......