Gladiator Trident

In this Instructables tutorial, we will show you how to make a gladiator trident.

Step 1: Materials

PVC(At least 5 feet long)
Foam Sheathing
Fish Net
A cutter of some sort
Not Shown:
Exacto knife

Step 2: The Handle

If you have a PVC pipe that is longer than 5 feet, cut it down and paint it. This will become the handle. You want to have many coats of paint so that the paint is completely smooth.

Step 3: Templates

Cut out the cardboard templates. There are four pieces:
A straight 11" for the middle prong
2 - 14" piece for the side prongs
12 - 2" diagonal pieces
2 - attaching pieces

Step 4: Cutting the Foam

First, draw the pieces onto the foam. Using a Dremel to start the cut, cut the foam with an exacto knife. Use the Dremel on a low setting or you will lose control of it.

Step 5: Painting

Paint the pieces. Do not use spray paint as it will eat away at the foam.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Glue the pieces of the head together. Then glue the head to the body. Make sure to wipe away any excess glue.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Is that first picture your finished piece? If so, wow, that looks awesome, I never would have believed that you used foam. A suggestion on painting. If you use an acrylic based paint and seal the foam, you can then spray paint on top of it. :)