Glam Witch Hat W Custom Resin Brooch

Hi all! In this video you will see my process of making a glam witch hat with a custom resin brooch. I have enjoyed making these poison apple resin brooches and thought I would show you how I utilize my brooch into my glam witch hat. I know I will have fun walking around with my kids trick or treating this year in style! :) Below is a list of the exact glitters I used to make this mix. All ribbon, faux floral, findings, etc were purchased from Michael's craft store. Thanks for watching, have a safe and happy Halloween, and remember to craft happily ever after!!!

Glitter Mix:
* Recollections Extra Fine in Ebony
* Recollections Chunky Iridescent/Holo in Black
* Recollections Super Chunky in Glitz
* Martha Stewart Diamond Holo in Fire Opal
* Martha Stewart Iridescent Cello Flake in Sugar Cube
* Frantage Stampendous Crystal Glitter Mix
* Deco Art Glamour Dust
* Any brand of Extra Fine (non holo/iridescent) in Orange

Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

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