Glaring LED Lamp Fix

Introduction: Glaring LED Lamp Fix

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This is a super easy life hack that you can do with only a rubber band and a styrofoam cup. I was having problems with the super bright LED light glaring off my desk and it ended up giving me headaches. So, I put a styrofoam cup on it. It doesn't make it any dimmer it just spreads the light out rather than having it in one focussed beam. It helps a great deal. No more headaches. It also looks pretty cool.


-Styrofoam Cup

-Rubber Band

Warning: Do not try this on any light that produces heat. It will start a fire. Use common sense. LEDs work the best because they don't make a lot of excessive heat.

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Step 1: Installing It

Slide the rubber band under the base of the cup and then stretch it to the top and let go.

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    3 years ago

    Nice way to diffuse the light. Pretty clever! :)