Glass Bong Paracord Wrap




Intro: Glass Bong Paracord Wrap

Well I bought a new bong but, I almost break it while I was cleaning it and since its a water bong will be wet an slippery most of the time, so I decide to go tactical and wrap some paracord to avoid to drop it.

Step 1: Clean Your Piece

You need a clean glass to start with, an usual alcohol cleaning will work

Step 2: First Loop

How much paracord depend of how much grip you want, I used about 15ft for 6" of wrap on my 3" diameter bong. You need to left some cord like the picture with the end enough long to pull out of it later. try leaving the vertical cord in the back part of your piece.

Step 3: Wrapping ...

Try to keep a good tension its a bit tricky to start because cord obiusly slide but after several rounds the paracord will grab the glass. and keep going until reach the end.

Step 4: Deal With the End

In your las round where the end of the bong is thick pass the cord between the loop as the image number 2.
now pull the end with the red arrow until the side with blue arrow gets secured (try to get some of the blue side inside the wrap to hide it a bit )

Step 5: Cut and Burn

Cut both ends leaving about 1/8" for burning but with care of Dont burn the rest of the cord I used a small torch so I could control the fire better.

Step 6: Shrink.

After finish the wrap and details, give a boil water bath to the cord for 15 seconds and let it dry.
paracord shrink about 5 % to 15% its size, so it will grab the glass tightly.
try to give it a good tension while wrapping for the best result.
Tactical hits.!!!



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    2 years ago

    this is ver nice