Glass Bottle Wind Chime

Introduction: Glass Bottle Wind Chime

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Hi All,

I am going to share how to recycle wine bottle into a wind chime. This is an easy project to build if you have the glass bottle already cut. If not then please check out my glass bottle cutter instructable.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • A Glass bottle, This was a gift from a friend and was ling around my house for a year
  • Glass beads
  • Nylon thread
  • Metal Key ring with chain (400mm long)
  • Wooden Ball ( 60 MM diameter)
  • 15 MM plywood piece ( Thinner will do to )
  • Acrylic brown paint
  • Varnish

Step 2: Prepare

Wind Catcher

  • I have cut a star from a 15mm plywood piece
  • Drilled a 1 MM hole to fix a metal hook


  • For striker, I am using a 60mm wooden ball
  • I had to drill 2 holes for the hooks
  • Paint it brown and varnish it

Step 3: Determine the Suspension Length

  • We need to determine the suspension length for the striker
  • Tie a small string on the striker and suspend it inside the bottle
  • Adjust the length till we get a to a point where we hear loud and humming sounds
  • This will be a range, so we can adjust the length with the beads later
  • The sound should be as pleasant as possible.
  • Since we are using just one bottle, it will play just one node, donot expect same sound as multi tube metal windchimes

Step 4: Beads

  • We need two set for beads thread
    • One between Key ring till the striker
    • Second between striker and wind catcher
  • I have used a nylon thread with glass beads
  • Remember the striker must come in the range to make best / pleasant sound

Step 5: Tips

  • The wind catcher is is kept heavy to strike nodes only with stronger wind
  • Glass bottle should be thick if you have a lighter wind catcher
  • Hang the wind chime with moderate to low wind, this is more of a decoration

Please share suggestions and tips

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    That looks beautiful. I'd never thought to use a glass bottle in a wind chime. Thank you for the idea :-)