Glass Bottles Musical Chimes

Introduction: Glass Bottles Musical Chimes

These musical chimes are a lot of fun and it only takes five easy steps. You can easily play different songs with it too.

Materials: Glass bottles, water, and chopsticks

Tools: Drum tuner, duct tape, marker

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Step 1: Find Glass Bottles

Find Glass bottles.

Makes sure each was is the same or the same length. If not, it will sound funny.

Step 2: Add Water

Fill each glass bottles with water.

Step 3: Volume of Water

Make your bottles different volume of water by tuning it.

Online website to help you tune your bottles:

Step 4: Label It

Write the note that it plays on top the duct tape with a marker and then put it on top the mouthpiece of your bottle.

Step 5: Play and Have Fun

Bring your chopsticks and have fun banging your glass bottle musical chimes.

Have Fun!!! Thank You!!!

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